Houtong Cat Village 猴硐貓村

12 Jun

DSCN1841  Houtong Cat Village 猴硐貓村

Location: About an hour by train from Taipei Main Station to Houtong Station 從台北車站到猴硐站大概一個小時







This isn’t a cat cafe; it’s a whole village devoted to cats. Once a coal mining town, Houtong is now a tourist attraction, a sanctuary for dozens of stray cats. As soon as the train pulls in, you’ll know you’ve arrived in cat town. 猴硐貓村是一個貓主題村. 他們保護一百多隻流浪貓, 每天很多觀光客來看貓. 你到火車站, 你會知道這裡是貓的天堂.

DSCN1780 DSCN1781

DSCN1785 DSCN1787

Here’s the train station bathroom 這是火車站的廁所:

DSCN1792 DSCN1794


From the station to the village, there’s a covered bridge designed as a place where the cats can take shelter.

DSCN1799 DSCN1800

DSCN1802 DSCN1803

Cats are everywhere, and even if they don’t have real homes, they get enough food and have places to go when it rains. 在猴硐什麼都地方都有貓. 下遇的時候流浪貓有地方可以去.

DSCN1807 DSCN1805

DSCN1813 DSCN1815

DSCN1818 DSCN1859

There are lots of little shops selling cat-themed products, and most of the shopkeepers have adopted at least one cat. 有好多小店賣貓主題東西. 老闆都有貓.

DSCN1829 DSCN1831

DSCN1823 DSCN1836

There’s also the Empress Gallery, a gallery of cat artwork that’s related to Anhe 65. They also sell the same cat wine and beer. They didn’t allow pictures of the artwork, but did allow pictures of the gallery cats. 還有Empress Gallery, 一個畫廊,跟安和65有同一個老闆. 不可以拍畫廊但是可以拍他們的貓.

DSCN1884 DSCN1885

And of course, the town also has a cat cafe, which I’ll be writing a separate post about soon. 猴硐還有一間貓咖啡, 我還要寫.


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