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12 Jul


Address: 台南市中西區赤崁街17號

Hours: 10:00-18:00, closed Wednesdays, 公休週三

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100

This Tainan cafe was in the second cat cafe book. It has two cats but isn’t exactly cat-themed. On the first floor, they sell jewelry (not cat-related). Customers order and pay there and then go eat on the second floor. The cats were on the first floor. They were friendly and happy to be petted. 我看到這間太南咖啡館在”貓日和咖啡2″. 他們有兩隻貓, 但是裝飾沒有貓主題. 一樓賣珠寶(不是關於貓的). 在一樓, 人點餐, 坐在二樓. 貓在一樓. 他們很可愛, 喜歡人摸他們.

DSCN4879 DSCN4884

This cafe’s specialty is brunch and they have several delicious choices for NT$230-250. All the meals were presented on cutting boards. The potato wedges were especially good. 他們的招牌是早午餐 (NT$230-250), 都非常好吃, 我很喜歡他們的馬鈴薯.

DSCN4893 DSCN4894

The cafe is right across from Fort Provintia and there’s a good view of it from the window. 咖啡館對面是赤崁樓.


When we left, one of the cats had gone outside to enjoy the sunshine. 我離開的時候, 看到一隻貓去外面.


I would recommend this cafe for its atmosphere and great food. 我很推薦這間因為早午餐特別好吃.

AT Cats & Tea (台南)

12 Jul

DSCN4899AT Cats & Tea

Address: 台南市中西區建業路72號

Hours: 11:00-20:00, closed Tuesdays 公休週二

Minimum cost per person每人最低消費: NT100

This Tainan cat cafe wasn’t in either of the books, but it has more cats than any of the others in Tainan and is very clean and well-designed. It has about twelve beautiful, friendly cats. Three of them immediately came to check out our bags. 這間是在台南有罪多貓的咖啡館, 還有很乾淨, 環境很好. 有大概12隻漂亮, 可愛的貓. 我們進去, 三隻來檢查包包.

DSCN4908 DSCN4909

I ordered an AT Cats & Tea coffee (NT$110) and my friend had a black tea (NT$100). Since he is particularly averse to cat germs, he was glad to see the clever lid on the cup, with a space that just fit the straw. The cafe also has light meals and desserts for reasonable prices. 我點AT Cats & Tea招牌咖啡 (NT$110), 我朋友點紅茶 (NT$100). 我朋友很怕貓毛, 覺得很髒, 所以她很開心看到他的杯子有蓋子. 咖啡, 茶都好喝. 菜單也有簡餐, 點心.

DSCN4924 DSCN4923

 Some cats like coming up to customers and hanging out by the tables and others prefer to stay in the cat trees near the window. 有些貓喜歡來客人的桌子, 有些喜歡喜歡趟在窗裡的 “樹”.


DSCN4916 DSCN4906

DSCN4920Another cat sat on top of a chair at a nearby table and watched people with an evil glare as he extended his claws. Despite his appearance, he really doesn’t mind being petted, though. 一隻貓看起來很兇, 看他的臉, 他的爪子, 但是他還是讓人模他.


This cafe has a nice atmosphere and beautiful cats. They also have wi-fi, so it would be a good place to work or study. 我很推薦這間, 貓很好, 環境很好, 還有他們有wi-fi.