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Cat’s Claw 貓抓

29 Oct

DSCN3191 Cat’s Claw 貓抓

Address: 台中市北區大德街131號

Hours: 10:00-21:00, Closed Monday 週一公休

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100




This Taichung cat cafe has at least four beautiful cats, lots of cute decorations, and they specialize in brunch. This cat was outside on the patio at first. 這間太種貓咖啡有四隻很漂亮的貓, 很可愛的裝飾. 他們的特色是早午餐. 我夢昂來這隻貓在外面.


Later, someone brought along a dog so he moved inside. 一猴, 牠看到一隻狗就進去.


This cat was in my seat at the table we were directed to. He didn’t mind me sitting next to him. 只知貓左在我的位置. 牠讓我坐牠旁邊.

DSCN3197 DSCN3198

Cute cat themed decorations were all around. 有很多可愛的貓主題裝飾.

DSCN3207 DSCN3210

DSCN3203 DSCN3226

I went upstairs and saw this beautiful cat. I’ve never seen a cat with a coat like this before. 在樓上看到這隻很漂亮的貓. 是我第一次看到貓有這種顏色.

DSCN3199 DSCN3201

I went back downstairs to eat. I had a mushroom omelet set that came with milk tea. 我去樓下吃早午餐套餐.


The black cat left my seat and this little one came and took his place. 黑色貓區別的地方, 這小隻來.



Cat Lair 6 六號貓洞

29 Oct

DSCN3267  Cat Lair 6 六號貓洞

Address: 台中市北區南京東路二段13號

Hours: 15:00-23:00, closed Tuesdays 週二公休

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$120







Of the several cat cafes in Taichung that I went to recently, I think this is the best, especially on a nice day. The front of the cafe is completely open and the cats can lounge in the courtyard or come inside as they choose. There is seating outside, at the bar or on vintage chairs and couches inside. 我最近去好幾間貓咖啡館在台中, 覺得這間很好. 天氣好是最好.外面 有一個很可愛的天井, 貓可以跑來跑去. 人可以坐外面,在吧檯,或許在古老的沙發. 裝飾, 家具都很特別.

DSCN3282 DSCN3286


They have six cats in all, although only four were there when I went. 他們有六隻貓但是我只看到四隻.

DSCN3274 DSCN3283

DSCN3292 DSCN3295

The also have lots of Betta fish around which provide entertainment for the cats. I wonder if they ever get eaten. This cat looked like he was very close to catching one! 他們也有很多Betta魚, 貓很有興趣. 這隻貓好像很想吃!

DSCN3270They serve light meals, coffee, tea and frappuccinos. I had an Oreo frappuccino (NT$170), which was very good. 他們有簡餐,咖啡,茶,冰沙. 我喝Oreo冰沙, 很好喝.

DSCN3293And here are more pictures of the cats:

DSCN3287 DSCN3301


Guest Post: Monta (Tokyo, Japan)

28 Oct

Cat cafes – overseas edition by Rebecca


Hours: 11:00-20:00


TEL: 03-5830-7428


Asakusa district is the historic centre of Tokyo, home to ancient Buddhist temples, geishas, traditional arts and crafts – and a fantastic cat cafe!

As you come out of Tobu Asakusa station, you should see a sign on your right pointing down the street, saying ‘Cat cafe’. A short walk will bring you to the building shown in the above photo. There’s also a billboard outside, which only the most hardhearted cat lover could resist.




After bribing my companion (not a cat lover), we headed up to the 8th floor. The lift doors open onto a small lobby, with shelves for you to put your shoes, and slippers to change into. We were greeted at the door by the manager, who let us in (while holding back an enthusiastic cat which had also come to greet us) and gave us a menu detailing prices in both English and Japanese. You can pay just to spend time with the cats (which we did), or you can also order drinks and cakes. The menu also gives a few rules: visitors are welcome to bring their own toys for the cats to play with, but should only feed them with snacks provided by the cat cafe. We were advised that the cats do not like to be picked up by strangers, but are very friendly and will come over to people. The manager then showed us a place to store our bags, gave us a hot towel for our hands followed by some hand sanitizer, and let us loose on the place!


The cafe is bright, clean and comfortable, with a very relaxing atmosphere. High above the general hubbub of Tokyo, it is an ideal place to get away from it all.

Visitors can choose from sofas or low cushions on the floor, or simply crawl about on the rugs (this is what I did). We were also provided with a picture book which shows all the cats, and gives their name, breed, and date of birth.

4 5

All the cats are pure breeds, including a breed I had never heard of before: the Munchkin.


As you can see by looking at the dates of birth, this cat cafe can more accurately be called a kitten cafe. Every cat was born in 2014. And, being kittens, as soon as they realized they had visitors, they began to show off (translation: fight!).




But they calmed down after a while.


My boyfriend is not what you would call a cat lover, and had been hanging back during the Fight Club. Once the cats had settled down, he sat down as well, and was quickly and enthusiastically greeted by the Norwegian forest cat. He changed his seat fairly quickly, but to no avail. Cats have an uncanny ability to seek out the person who least wishes to be their friend.


But even he was powerless to resist the charms of the Russian Blue!


My personal favourite was this orange cat (breed? I missed their photo in the cat calendar), who was also the friendliest.


Cafe Monta is open every day from 11am to 8pm (last orders at 7.30pm). The manager spoke good English, and the menu is in both Japanese and English. A great place to spend a lazy afternoon!


Cat Foot Massage Place 貓足部養生館

13 Oct

DSCN3112 佳農足部健康養生館 Foot massage place with cat

Address: 新北市新店區復興路48號 (around the corner from Tzu Chi Buddhist Hospital)

Minimum cost per person麼人最低消費: 40 minute foot massage NT$600, 40分鐘腳底按摩NT$600


This isn’t really a cat-themed place, but I’m including it because it does have two friendly, adorable cats. The cats are the reason I went back a second time. 這間養生館不是真的貓主題點, 但是他們有兩隻很可愛的貓. 是因為貓我才來第二次.



DSCN3113  DSCN3115

At NT$600 for a 40 minute foot massage, it’s a bit expensive compared to other places; I thought around NT$400 is the usual rate for similar places. The massage was pretty good, though and it’s in my neighborhood. And of course, the cats add value to the experience.

40分鐘按摩要付NT$600, 我覺得有點貴. 好像這種按摩館平常只要$400. 但是這間裡我家很近, 按摩還不錯. 還有, 有貓是更好.

DSCN3120 DSCN3125