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Chamber 秘氐咖啡

27 Apr

DSCN1134 Chamber 秘氐咖啡

Address: 台北市大安區浦城街四巷31號

Hours: 13:00-22:00, closed Mondays 週一公休

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$120





This was in the second cat cafe book, but it isn’t really a cat cafe anymore. According to the book, they had one cat. When I asked about it, the owner said that they don’t bring it to the cafe anymore because it’s afraid of people. There also isn’t anything cat-themed about the cafe. It’s in an old building and filled with beautiful antiques.

我看這間在”貓和咖啡第2″, 但是現在不時貓咖啡. 書說他們有一隻貓. 但是我問老闆, 他說他現在不會帶貓, 因為貓很怕人. 咖啡館也沒有貓主題的東西. 在意個漂亮古老的房子, 裡面有很多很特別的古董.



Their specialty is gourmet coffee, with the cheapest cup at NT$180 and the most expensive at NT$350. That’s for a rather small cup; a pot, which is about the size of a typical large coffee is about NT$100 more. But while the price does seem excessive, they do make sure it’s the highest quality coffee. They explain where the beans came from and what kind of flavor they’re supposed to have. For each cup or pot, the beans are freshly ground and brewed. I had a “Bliss of Gaya” from Sumatra (NT$180) and also a tiramisu (NT$150). For a cheaper option, they do have tea at NT$120, but that seems like kind of a waste to me since the main point of this place is the coffee.

這間的特色是高級的咖啡, 最便宜一杯NT$180, 最貴一杯NT$350. 一杯有點小; 一壺(就像大杯)要加大概NT$100. 真的有點貴, 旦是咖啡真的很好. 老闆會介紹咖啡豆從哪裡來, 有什麼特別的口味. 每一杯, 他們會用新鮮的咖啡豆. 我喝一杯印尼的咖啡 (NT$180)還有吃提拉米蘇 (NT$150). 他們還有茶, 比較便宜 (NT$120) 但是我覺得應該要喝他們的招牌.


They also have a small, old-fashioned hair salon in one section. I thought the barber’s chair and accessories were just for decoration, but they said someone still cuts hair there! I didn’t ask when or how much it is.

還有一個小,很古老的理髮院. 我以為只是裝飾, 但是他們說真的有人來剪頭髮!


While this definitely isn’t a cat cafe, it might be worth visiting if you appreciate high quality coffee and antiques.

這其實不是貓咖啡, 旦是喜歡高級咖啡,古老的東西的人應該會很喜歡.