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2016 Taipei Pet Fair 2016春季寵物展

2 Apr

DSCN78272016 Taipei Pet Fair 2016春季寵物展

Dates: April 1-4 2016 四月1-4

Address 地址: Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 (World Trade Center MRT Exit 1 捷運世貿1號出口)

Tickets 門票: NT$150 on site, free from their website 在網路免費

I just found out about this today and went. It’s still open for two more days 4/3-4. The Taipei pet fair has animal charity booths, pets for adoption, pet supplies, pet portrait booths and a cat show. The cat show is only Saturday and Sunday, so I’d recommend going on Sunday if possible. When I went today, they had the Sphynx cat cage open and let people pet them. The cat show isn’t just for purebreds; they also have mixed breed cats and a cat adoption booth. 我今天剛發現有這個活動. 還有兩天, 4/3-4. 2016台北春季寵物展有幫流浪動物義賣貨攤, 可領養的動物, 寵物用品, 寵物攝影貨攤還有一個貓展. 貓展至是4/2-3, 所以我推薦去禮拜天. 今天他們有打開斯芬克斯貓的籠子, 讓人摸牠們. 貓展不只是品種貓, 還有米克斯還有一些可以領養的貓,

Many people brought their own pets (not allowed inside the cat show area) and it was fun to see all of them, mostly dogs. A few people did bring cats, though. One girl had one around her neck and a guy was carrying one in something like a baby Snugli (like this). Someone brought a rabbit in a carrier and a girl had a bird on her shoulder. I couldn’t take many pictures because it was so crowded. I got one of these two cats calmly sitting on their carrier. 好多人帶自己的寵物 (但是寵物不可進去貓展區), 很好玩看到牠們, 大部分是狗. 一些人有帶貓. 一個女生帶貓在她脖子上, 一個男生抱貓在前面的包包跟小孩一樣 (這樣) 一個人帶一隻兔子, 一個女生帶貓在肩膀張. 很難拍照因為人超多. 我拍一個, 這兩隻貓, 好像很放鬆