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Old 98: A Cat Bar

24 Sep

DSCN2964 Old 98

Address: 臺北市大安區金山南路二段134號

Hours: 20:00-5:00

Minimum cost per person每人最低消費:NT$140

This is a late night lounge bar near Guting MRT, and it has an adorable cat named Moet.  With people drinking and throwing darts, a cat might not be very likely to come out, but this one seems to enjoy the atmosphere. He walked around visiting all the customers and was fascinated with the darts game. He also likes climbing on cases of beer.  這間酒吧離古亭很近有一隻貓叫Moet. 很多貓不會喜歡很多人喝酒, 玩射鏢遊戲, 但是一隻好像習慣這個環境. 牠覺得射鏢遊戲很有趣. 牠也喜歡爬在啤酒箱.

DSCN2949And he doesn’t mind being picked up 人也可以抱牠:


They have a good selection of beers and cocktails. From what I remember, the whiskey sours were good. It was hard to get a clear picture of the cat because of the dim lighting, but at 4am after a few drinks everything looks a little fuzzy anyway. 他們有很多種啤酒,調酒. 我們喝酸威士忌. 因為酒吧很暗, 有點難拍照. 但是很晚喝幾杯酒, 什麼都看起來有點模糊.


More Pictures from Cat Rain 貓雨照片

18 Sep

Since the first cafe I went to turned out not to be a cat cafe and I was already in Danshui, I visited Cat Rain again. 因為我已經在淡水, 我再去貓雨.

DSCN2902 DSCN2938


DSCN2908 DSCN2922

DSCN2923 DSCN2928

La Vie Revee Des Anges 天使熱愛的生活

18 Sep

,DSCN2885 La Vie Revee Des Anges 天使熱愛的生活

Address: 新北市淡水區中正路233-1號

Hours: 13:00-1:00

Minimum cost per person 每人消費: NT$70




This was listed as a cat cafe in the second book, and so I went all the way to Danshui today to see it. It is not a cat cafe anymore. I don’t think it could ever really be considered a cat cafe. The cat that was there was a stray that used to just hang out at the cafe all the time, and the owner decided to adopt it and take it home. The guy working in the cafe told me that the cat is doing  well and has gotten very fat. The only cat related things about the cafe is this:

貓日和咖啡館2說這是一間貓咖啡. 所以我今天才去淡水看一下. 真的不是貓咖啡. 以前也不太算貓咖啡. 店員跟我說以前書裡面的貓是一隻流浪貓一直來那個咖啡館. 後來,老闆領養牠, 帶牠回家. 他說貓的生活現在很好,牠變得很胖! 咖啡館只有這個貓主題的東西:

DSCN2888Still, if you’re not expecting a cat cafe, it’s a lovely place otherwise with an amazing view. The seating area is on the second floor and is all open air. 這間咖啡館還是很不錯. 很可愛, 還有很漂亮的風景.

DSCN2891 DSCN2892

I had a bagel with cream cheese (NT$70) and a latte with curacao and triple sec (NT$150). Both of these were delicious. 我吃起司硬麵包圈, 喝柑桂酒拿鐵.


Meows Corner Meeting 轉角遇到貓 (Macau)

15 Sep

DSCN2701  Meows Corner Meeting 轉角遇到貓

Address: Macau, #1 Calcada do Poco 澳門和隆街1號家昌大廈地下

Hours: 12:00-21:00





I went to Macau last week, so of course I had to find out if there were any cat cafes there. This is the only one, apparently, but it’s very nice. I spent a lot of time getting lost before I found it, and the first time I got there, it was closed for two days for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It was finally open on Thursday. 我上個禮拜去澳門, 我一定想找一個貓咖啡館. 澳門好像只有這間. 我米路很久才找到, 但是為了中秋節, 他們沒有開. 禮拜四才有開.

I went in to be greeted by beautiful cats that look a lot like mine. 我進去看到兩隻貓很像我的貓.

DSCN2665 DSCN2668

The menu isn’t very extensive, and I wasn’t very hungry but was extremely thirsty from wandering around all day so I ordered a lemon tea (MOP28). 菜單沒有很多選擇. 我其實不餓, 只有很渴因為一整天都在走路, 所以我點檸檬紅茶 (奧幣28).


They have books, wi-fi and cute cat decorations all around. 他們有書, 又無線網路, 還有很可愛的毛裝飾.

DSCN2698 DSCN2670

In all, there are 7-8 cats. There was one in a room upstairs where it was too dark to get a picture. All of them are very friendly. The brown one was particularly friendly with all of the other cats, going up and ‘hugging’ and licking them. 他們有7-8隻貓. 樓上還有一隻但是太暗, 拍不到. 一隻咖啡色的很喜歡跟所有的貓關係很好.

DSCN2671 DSCN2685

DSCN2692 DSCN2696

DSCN2697 DSCN2674