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Leading Hair Salon 令島髮藝

25 Feb

DSCN4396  Leading Hair Salon 令島髮藝

Address: 新北市永和區水源街34號

Hours: 11:00-21:00, closed Tuesdays 週二公休

Phone number for appointments 預約專線: (02) 29200128



Rebecca told me about this cat hair salon in Yonghe. It has three Scottish fold cats who are friendly to customers but not to each other. This beautiful cat was enjoying the sunshine and greeting customers. 這間在永和的髮藝沙龍有三隻很可愛的貓. 牠們對人很好, 對其它貓很兇. 這隻貓在門口跟客人打招呼.


I didn’t make an appointment ahead of time but was lucky that they had one open. Although I’d been planning to just get a trim, I ended up deciding to get a straight perm and they did a great job with that. That also meant I spent several hours there and could observe the cats more. The one in the doorway is a female and the best-tempered of them. The other two are males, and they despise each other. 我沒有先預約, 但是我很幸運他們有空. 我原本只要剪頭髮, 後來決定燙頭髮. 我覺得他們做得很好. 我還有很多時間可以看貓. 在門口的貓是母的, 她很乖. 還有兩隻公的, 他們會常常打架.

DSCN4390 DSCN4393

The one on the left got up from his spot and the white one came and took it. He wanted vengeance, but the hairstylist foiled his plan by picking him up and asking me to hold him. He squirmed and glared, but he won’t hurt people, so he finally settled down on my lap and let me cuddle him. 左邊的離開他的位置, 白色的去坐那邊. 左邊的回來很生氣, 要打架. 但是髮型師給我抱牠. 我抱牠在我身上; 牠還是一點生氣, 但是牠不會咬人.

I would recommend this place both for the quality of the haircuts and for the cats! 我會推薦這間因為剪頭髮很好還有貓很可愛!

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