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Cafe Moment 貓門

29 Nov

DSCN6827Cafe Moment 貓門

Address 地址: 高雄市苓雅區四維三路89號 (also has a branch in Tainan, 還有一間在台南: 台南市中西區忠孝街93巷34號)

Phone 電話: 07-5368950

Hours: 9:00-22:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: one drink 一杯飲料


This is a relatively new cat cafe in Kaohsiung, which just opened a year ago. They also have a branch in Tainan. The cafe is clean and brightly lit and has five cats and one dog. The cats are all friendly, the dog only sometimes is; he doesn’t seem very happy about spending so much time around cats. The cafe is on two floors. There’s plenty of seating and free wifi. 這間貓咖啡在高雄市新的, 一年前開業. 他們還有一間在台南. 咖啡館很乾淨很亮. 他們有5隻貓, 一隻狗. 貓都比較輕鬆, 狗有時候會兇, 好像他不太喜歡貓. 咖啡館有二樓, 所以有很多位置. 他們也有wifi.

DSCN6798 DSCN6816

This fat orange cat (named Orange) was one of my favorites, and the staff say he’s the friendliest. 我很喜歡這個胖的橘色貓(他的名字是橘子), 店員說他是最親人的貓.


Here are some of the other cats:



This is the dog. He looks cute and he lets people pet him, but he growled and tried to start fights with the cats several times. They said he was in a bad mood that day. 這是店狗. 他看起來可愛, 也會讓人摸牠, 但是他對貓嗥叫還要跟他們吵架. 店員說他當天心情不好.


There’s a good selection of drinks on the menu as well as desserts and light meal options. I ordered a green tea latte (NT$120) and a beef and cheese quesadilla (NT$140). Both of these were very good. 他們有很多飲料選擇, 還有甜點, 間餐. 我店錄茶拿鐵(NT$120)還有牛肉起司餅(NT$140).


I rarely go to Kaohsiung, but if I do, I’d go back here, and I’m planning on checking out the Tainan branch. 我很少去高雄但是如果我在去, 我會回來這間, 還有我想去他們台南的店.

A Day 日日村

8 Nov

DSCN6226A Day 日日村

Address: 新北市永和區仁愛路279號1樓

Phone: 02-2925-7699

Hours 開業時間: Tuesday-Sunday 週二-天13:00-22:00, Closed Mondays 週一公休

Minimum cost per person: 每人最低消費: NT$100

I found this on the way back from Cafe Fima. This is also more of a cat with a cat rather than a cat-themed cafe. But still, I saw the cat signs outside and had to go in. 我先去菲瑪咖啡, 在路上找到這間. 這間也是’有貓的咖啡館’ 不是真的貓咖啡館. 但是我看外面的牌子說有貓, 所以一定要進去.


It’s in an old building and has wood floors and cute, country style decorations. Some of them are cat-themed, and the menus have cats drawn on them. 裝飾都很可愛, 在一個古老的房子. 有些有貓主題, 菜單有貓畫在上面.

DSCN6212 DSCN6220

DSCN6214 DSCN6219

The cat was asleep in the glass counter the whole time I was there. 我在的時候, 貓都在玻璃櫃台裡面睡覺.


Since I’d just been to one cafe and wasn’t planning on staying long, I just ordered an iced Americano. The menu has a variety of meal choices; their specialty seems to be Japanese food. They also sell postcards and other cute knick-knacks, many of them also Japanese style. 因為我已經剛去咖啡館, 我只點一個冰美食咖啡 (NT$110). 菜單有很多選擇. 他們的招牌是日式料理. 他們也有賣信片, 還有可愛的日式小品.