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ab-ab cafe (Part 2)

10 Jun

CIMG0509ab-ab cafe (路上撿到一隻貓)

Address: 臺北市大安區溫州街49巷2號

Hours: supposedly every day 13:30-1:30, but apparently not (at least open at 15:00 Saturdays)

Minimum cost per person: Cafe Americano NT$90






I went back to ab-ab cafe on Saturday and it was open this time (forgot to ask what their actual hours are). This is also more of a cafe with a cat rather than a cat cafe. The only cat inside was the one asleep on the bar as seen in the picture, and I was warned to be careful because he sometimes bites.

The menu had a wide variety of affordable options including coffee, teas and alcohol as well as light meals and snacks.


The cafe has comfortable seating and wi-fi access, though I found the loud music not very conducive for doing work.


The friendly orange cat from the previous time was still outdoors by the ash tray, surrounded by smokers.



10 Jun

CIMG0502 Cat. Art. Home

Address: 新北市永和區博愛街5號

Hours: weekdays 13:30-22:00, weekends 12:00-22:00

Minimum cost per person: weekday entry NT$150, weekend entry NT$200, drinks around NT$150




The outside of this cafe, located on the tree-lined, brick paved 博愛街looks inviting. Customers remove their shoes at the door and have to have their hands sprayed with disinfectant on entering. This would lead one to believe that the cafe is a clean place; however, upon entering, the smell of cat urine is overpowering. Although this cafe only has 6-7 cats, it smells almost as bad as Minimal.

All the tables are low, and people sit on cushions on the floor with the cats.


The cats are friendly and healthy looking.


One of them was quite interested in my gym bag.


Still, the smell was too unappetizing. And even though the outside of the store doesn’t say it and the book doesn’t mention it, it costs NT$150 on weekdays and NT$200 on weekends just to sit there and not eat or drink anything. So I decided it wasn’t worth it to stay there.

Cafe Mezone

5 Jun

CIMG0474 Address: 臺北市大安區龍泉街83號

Hours: Saturday-Thursday 10:30-9:30, closed Monday

Minimum cost per person: NT$100 for Cafe Americano






This is not as much a ‘cat cafe’ as it is a cafe that happens to have a cat. I didn’t even see the one cat, 妞妞, until I’d been there for more than an hour. But is is a comfortable, quiet cafe with wi-fi and a large selection of board games and card games in German, Italian, English and Chinese. The staff are eager to explain how to play them.


Here’s the one cat. She lets people pet her, but only came out to eat, hang around for a few minutes and then disappeared again.