ab-ab cafe

19 Apr

CIMG0436 ab-ab cafe (路上撿到一隻貓)

Address: 臺北市大安區溫州街49巷2號

Hours: supposedly every day 13:30-1:30, but apparently not

According to the book, this place opens at 13:30, but I went there at 14:00 and it was closed, and looked like it might not have been open in a long time. There was one sad looking but very friendly cat on the porch, looking at his empty dish. The front door had a sign on it saying it was broken and to use the door on the left. But that door was also boarded up. It still looked like a cafe inside, so I thought maybe it recently closed. The front porch area wasn’t too clean, with torn up couches, one of them with a full ash tray on it.


I went to the pharmacy across the street and asked if the cafe had closed down and they said no. They said it usually opens by 2 and would probably be open later today, but they weren’t sure when, maybe 3? They said I could just sit outside and wait, but I decided not to do that. They don’t have a good view of the street from the pharmacy so I’m not sure they really know when the cafe opens. It did look like there was some construction around the doorways so it could be closed for repairs. I’ll try calling later and see if anyone answers. Hope they at least come back and feed the cat.



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