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Chinlun’s Things 撥撥橘

10 Sep

CIMG1399 Chinlun’s Things 撥撥橘

Address: 高雄市民有街86號 (near Central Park 中央公園MRT)

Hours: 11:00-19:00, closed Mondays 週一店休

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$80 Americano



I was in Kaohsiung last weekend, so I wondered if there might be any cat cafes there, and there were! There are at least two, Chinlun’s Things and Mona’s Cafe, but I only had time to go to the closest one to the train station, Chinlun’s.

上個週末我在高雄, 所以我找找看高雄有沒有貓咖啡館. 他們到少有兩個, 撥撥橘, Mona’s Cafe. 因為我沒有很多時間我只有去撥撥橘因為離火車站比較近.

It had adorable decorations and sold many cat-themed gifts. The first floor was the cafe and gift shop, and the second floor sold stationery.

店裡的裝潢很可愛. 一樓是咖啡館還有賣貓主題的東西. 二樓在賣文具.

CIMG1401CIMG1402CIMG1403CIMG1404The menu was also very cute. I had an Americano and red bean cake; both were good. 他們的菜單很可愛. 我點美式咖啡, 紅豆蛋糕, 都很好.



But where were the cats? I asked the barista, and she said they stay on the second floor, but are usually sleeping somewhere in the afternoon. I asked the guy at the stationery counter about them, and he said one was asleep very far behind a shelf. I couldn’t see it at all. But…then he said they have a kitten behind the counter!

可是貓在哪裡? 咖啡館員說牠們在二樓, 但是下午牠們平常在睡覺. 我去二樓問文具櫃台員貓咪在哪裡. 他說一隻在睡覺, 在書櫃很後面. 我看不到牠. 然後牠受害有一隻小貓, 在櫃台後面! 超可愛!