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Peekaboo 貓嘰咕

22 Feb

001Peekaboo 貓嘰咕

Address: 新北市板橋區文化路一段270巷3弄40號

Hours 營業時間: 10:00-21:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100


I went to this cafe about a week before I left Taiwan in October. This is a relatively new cat cafe that didn’t make it into my book. It’s in an alley in Banqiao, not a place I’d think to look for a cat cafe. Some friends who live in Banqiao told me about it, and it’s definitely worth a visit. 我十月快要離開台灣的時候去這間咖啡館. 這間是比較新的, 我書裡面沒有. 我不知道板橋的小巷子會有貓咖啡. 住在板橋的朋友告訴我有這間, 我覺得很值得去.

This vegetarian cafe and restaurant is home to about six friendly cats. They are happy to jump on the table and point to items they recommend on the menu, and to direct your attention away from any electronic devices. 這素菜的咖啡/餐廳有大概六隻可愛的貓. 牠們很開心跳在桌上幫你看菜單. 牠們不讓你看包包, 電子用品.

The menu is completely vegetarian, and has a wide selection  including pasta, veggie burgers, salads, waffles and desserts. It has the usual variety of coffee and tea drinks but these are made with soy milk. Drinks range from NT$80-150 and meals are around NT$200. 菜單全部是素食的, 有義大利麵, 蔬食漢堡, 沙拉, 鬆餅, 點心. 飲料有咖啡, 茶, 拿鐵用豆漿. 飲料大概NT$80-150, 用餐大概NT$200.

The cafe is bright and clean and the cats have plenty of room to climb and play, although most of them are a bit chubby and prefer lounging on the counter or on tables. 裡面很乾淨,很亮, 茂有很多地方可以玩, 跳來跳去. 但是大部分的貓比較胖, 比較喜歡睡覺在櫃台上或許桌子上.

Three Cats Cafe 三貓小舖

20 Feb

Three Cats Cafe 三貓小舖

Address 地址: 台北市大同區赤峰街53巷14號

Hours 營業時間: 11:30-20:00

I haven’t posted since my book was published, partly because I’ve already been to most of the cat cafes in Taiwan and partly because I’ve moved to Malaysia. However, I just went back to Taiwan for a short trip and my friend told me about a new cat cafe between Zhongshan and Shuanglian stations. There’s no minimum drink purchase as this is also a shop with lots of cat-themed items, so people are free to browse.

我很久沒寫. 我出書之後, 我搬到馬來西亞, 還有我已經去過大部分的台灣貓咖啡. 但是我最近回來台灣幾天. 我朋友跟我說有一間新的貓咖啡在中山/雙連附近. 沒有最低消費因為他們賣很多貓主題東西, 可以進去逛.

There are actually five cats, not three as the name suggests. The name is the name of their brand and they were selling cat-themed items before they started the cafe. Two of the cats are friendly and three are shy. The long haired grey one was very friendly. The tabby was timid and wouldn’t let anyone pet her, but she was fascinated by my cat ears hat. She seemed to think it was a real cat. 三貓小舖是他們牌子的名字, 咖啡裡有五隻貓. 兩隻喜歡人, 三隻比較害羞. 一隻很喜歡我的帽子. 牠很怕人, 但是牠好像以為我的帽子是一隻貓!

The two cats not pictured were an orange and white cat and a black kitten. My friends and I just had tea as the cafe was going to close in less than an hour. The menu has the usual coffee and tea selections and some desserts. The shop has a large selection of adorable shirts, bags, stationery, wall hangings, coasters and more. 還有一隻黑色小貓, 一隻橘色的, 我沒有拍到. 我們隻喝茶因為咖啡館快要關門. 菜單有咖啡, 茶, 點心. 他們的商品非常可愛, 有很多很特別的東西.