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My cat cafes book release: Available 9/1/16!

24 Aug

I’ve written a book about cat cafes based on my blog and it will be available September 1!

我9/1要出書, ‘這裡有貓,歡迎光臨:老外帶路,探訪62間貓店長私藏地圖

The book is bilingual and includes all the cat cafes on this blog that are still currently in business. At my favorite cafes, I’ve done interviews and included more detailed information about some of the cats. The cafes all have star ratings and are divided up by type so readers can easily find the cafe they want to go to.

書是雙語的, 含所有還在營業的貓咖啡. 在我最喜歡的貓咖啡, 我有採訪老闆, 還有寫比較多貓店長的資料. 我給每一件評論1-5星, 還有份很多種貓咖啡所以人可以找到最喜歡的.



5 Sep


Address 地址: 台北市中山區錦州街328號

Phone 電話: 02-2509-9509

Hours: 11:00-21:30, Closed Sundays, 禮拜天公休

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$60 drink 飲料



Although not quite a cat cafe, this pasta restaurant has two cats and they also had a cat party in July when people brought in their own cats.  The cats are a bit shy but are cute and playful. 這間義大利麵餐廳有兩隻貓. 我還有看到他們七月有一個貓派對, 客人都帶貓. 店裡的貓有點害羞, 還是很可愛, 很活潑.

DSCN5621 11948292_1155709947778727_1840095123_n

11995242_1155708517778870_1831694850_oThe menu has a wide variety of pasta dishes, all reasonably priced. I had a set meal with pepper chicken pasta with garlic and white wine sauce (NT$210) and my friend had grilled salmon pasta with cream sauce (NT$240). The sets came with garlic bread, soup and a drink. All the food was very good. 菜單有很多選擇, 都還滿便宜. 我點蒜辣雞麵, 我朋友點鮭魚麵. 套餐都有麵包, 湯, 飲料. 都很好吃.

DSCN5616 DSCN5619

The cats spend a lot of time in the back and may not let you pet them, but it’s a good restaurant and it’s fun to watch the cats play with each other when they come out. 貓常常在後面, 有時候不喜歡人摸牠們, 但是食物很好, 還有看到貓出現玩是很好玩.


Leading Hair Salon 令島髮藝

25 Feb

DSCN4396  Leading Hair Salon 令島髮藝

Address: 新北市永和區水源街34號

Hours: 11:00-21:00, closed Tuesdays 週二公休

Phone number for appointments 預約專線: (02) 29200128



Rebecca told me about this cat hair salon in Yonghe. It has three Scottish fold cats who are friendly to customers but not to each other. This beautiful cat was enjoying the sunshine and greeting customers. 這間在永和的髮藝沙龍有三隻很可愛的貓. 牠們對人很好, 對其它貓很兇. 這隻貓在門口跟客人打招呼.


I didn’t make an appointment ahead of time but was lucky that they had one open. Although I’d been planning to just get a trim, I ended up deciding to get a straight perm and they did a great job with that. That also meant I spent several hours there and could observe the cats more. The one in the doorway is a female and the best-tempered of them. The other two are males, and they despise each other. 我沒有先預約, 但是我很幸運他們有空. 我原本只要剪頭髮, 後來決定燙頭髮. 我覺得他們做得很好. 我還有很多時間可以看貓. 在門口的貓是母的, 她很乖. 還有兩隻公的, 他們會常常打架.

DSCN4390 DSCN4393

The one on the left got up from his spot and the white one came and took it. He wanted vengeance, but the hairstylist foiled his plan by picking him up and asking me to hold him. He squirmed and glared, but he won’t hurt people, so he finally settled down on my lap and let me cuddle him. 左邊的離開他的位置, 白色的去坐那邊. 左邊的回來很生氣, 要打架. 但是髮型師給我抱牠. 我抱牠在我身上; 牠還是一點生氣, 但是牠不會咬人.

I would recommend this place both for the quality of the haircuts and for the cats! 我會推薦這間因為剪頭髮很好還有貓很可愛!

DSCN4392 DSCN4394

Cat Foot Massage Place 貓足部養生館

13 Oct

DSCN3112 佳農足部健康養生館 Foot massage place with cat

Address: 新北市新店區復興路48號 (around the corner from Tzu Chi Buddhist Hospital)

Minimum cost per person麼人最低消費: 40 minute foot massage NT$600, 40分鐘腳底按摩NT$600


This isn’t really a cat-themed place, but I’m including it because it does have two friendly, adorable cats. The cats are the reason I went back a second time. 這間養生館不是真的貓主題點, 但是他們有兩隻很可愛的貓. 是因為貓我才來第二次.



DSCN3113  DSCN3115

At NT$600 for a 40 minute foot massage, it’s a bit expensive compared to other places; I thought around NT$400 is the usual rate for similar places. The massage was pretty good, though and it’s in my neighborhood. And of course, the cats add value to the experience.

40分鐘按摩要付NT$600, 我覺得有點貴. 好像這種按摩館平常只要$400. 但是這間裡我家很近, 按摩還不錯. 還有, 有貓是更好.

DSCN3120 DSCN3125


Old 98: A Cat Bar

24 Sep

DSCN2964 Old 98

Address: 臺北市大安區金山南路二段134號

Hours: 20:00-5:00

Minimum cost per person每人最低消費:NT$140

This is a late night lounge bar near Guting MRT, and it has an adorable cat named Moet.  With people drinking and throwing darts, a cat might not be very likely to come out, but this one seems to enjoy the atmosphere. He walked around visiting all the customers and was fascinated with the darts game. He also likes climbing on cases of beer.  這間酒吧離古亭很近有一隻貓叫Moet. 很多貓不會喜歡很多人喝酒, 玩射鏢遊戲, 但是一隻好像習慣這個環境. 牠覺得射鏢遊戲很有趣. 牠也喜歡爬在啤酒箱.

DSCN2949And he doesn’t mind being picked up 人也可以抱牠:


They have a good selection of beers and cocktails. From what I remember, the whiskey sours were good. It was hard to get a clear picture of the cat because of the dim lighting, but at 4am after a few drinks everything looks a little fuzzy anyway. 他們有很多種啤酒,調酒. 我們喝酸威士忌. 因為酒吧很暗, 有點難拍照. 但是很晚喝幾杯酒, 什麼都看起來有點模糊.


Alleycat’s Pizza

14 Jul

DSCN2068 Alleycat’s Pizza

Address: 台北市麗水街6-1號B1(永康商圈)

Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 週日-四: 17:00-23:00, Fri.-Sat 週五-六 17:00-24:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: drinks around NT$100 飲料~$100







The Lishui Street Alleycat’s is the original of a chain of pizza places around Taipei. This year is its 10th anniversary, and it is still home to the original namesake cat, Alley. They’ve tried bringing in other cats, but Alley didn’t get along with them. Now, there are two cats at the Tianmu branch and at least one at the Huashan branch. It has not been confirmed whether the seven other branches have cats: I went here with my friend Rebecca, and thanks to her for getting much better pictures of Alley than I could.

麗水街Alleycat’s是原本的分店; 臺北現在有十間分店. 今年是他們第十週年, 他們還有原本的貓, Alley. Alley跟其他貓會吵架, 所以麗水街只有她. 天母店有兩隻, 華山有一隻. 不知道其他的分部有沒有貓. 謝謝我朋友Rebecca幫我拍照:

14907_10154305748340361_3434789407033023266_n 10492028_10154305745225361_679727978573443304_n

We had garlic bread (NT$100), which comes with a very good Caesar dressing dip, and a Napoletana pizza (tomato, goat cheese, olives and spinach NT$470). The pizza was delicious and there are many varieties to choose from. There are also plenty of drink choices available. I had a tequila sunrise. 我們吃香烤大蒜麵包(NT$100)還有那不勒斯披薩(生鮮番茄、羊奶起士、鯷魚、橄欖和菠菜NT$470). 披薩很好吃, 有很多口味可以選. 還有很多飲料. 我喝墨西哥日出 .

DSCN2073 DSCN2076

Cat themed decorations are all around, some of them cute, others a little creepy.

他們有很多貓主題裝飾, 又的很可愛, 又的一點可怕:

DSCN2083 DSCN2069


Houtong Cat Village 猴硐貓村

12 Jun

DSCN1841  Houtong Cat Village 猴硐貓村

Location: About an hour by train from Taipei Main Station to Houtong Station 從台北車站到猴硐站大概一個小時







This isn’t a cat cafe; it’s a whole village devoted to cats. Once a coal mining town, Houtong is now a tourist attraction, a sanctuary for dozens of stray cats. As soon as the train pulls in, you’ll know you’ve arrived in cat town. 猴硐貓村是一個貓主題村. 他們保護一百多隻流浪貓, 每天很多觀光客來看貓. 你到火車站, 你會知道這裡是貓的天堂.

DSCN1780 DSCN1781

DSCN1785 DSCN1787

Here’s the train station bathroom 這是火車站的廁所:

DSCN1792 DSCN1794


From the station to the village, there’s a covered bridge designed as a place where the cats can take shelter.

DSCN1799 DSCN1800

DSCN1802 DSCN1803

Cats are everywhere, and even if they don’t have real homes, they get enough food and have places to go when it rains. 在猴硐什麼都地方都有貓. 下遇的時候流浪貓有地方可以去.

DSCN1807 DSCN1805

DSCN1813 DSCN1815

DSCN1818 DSCN1859

There are lots of little shops selling cat-themed products, and most of the shopkeepers have adopted at least one cat. 有好多小店賣貓主題東西. 老闆都有貓.

DSCN1829 DSCN1831

DSCN1823 DSCN1836

There’s also the Empress Gallery, a gallery of cat artwork that’s related to Anhe 65. They also sell the same cat wine and beer. They didn’t allow pictures of the artwork, but did allow pictures of the gallery cats. 還有Empress Gallery, 一個畫廊,跟安和65有同一個老闆. 不可以拍畫廊但是可以拍他們的貓.

DSCN1884 DSCN1885

And of course, the town also has a cat cafe, which I’ll be writing a separate post about soon. 猴硐還有一間貓咖啡, 我還要寫.