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Top Point 突點義大利美食咖啡館

13 Aug

CIMG1057  Top Point 突點義大利美食咖啡館

Address: 桃園縣中壢市富州路20號 (訂位03-428-2972)

Hours: 11:30-22:00, closed Sundays 週日公休






The book says they open at 11:00, but it actually opens at 11:30. The book does also say to make reservations, but I thought it wouldn’t be that busy on a weekday afternoon. However, the book was right about that. Be sure to call and make reservations. I got there at about 12:45, and they told me there were no seats available. But at least they let me take pictures of the cats.

書說他們11:00開門, 但是真的11:30開門. 書也說需要訂位. 但是我以為平常日應該不會有很多人. 但是書說對的. 應該要先訂位! 我12:45到了, 他們跟我說沒有位置. 但是他們還是讓我拍照.



CIMG1061The black and white one is so sweet! 我很喜歡牠!

But although these cats are very nice, they weren’t as much the center of attention as in Design Fever. They stayed off to the side away from where people were eating. This is also more of a restaurant than a cafe, also Italian food. It seems like a lot of office workers come here on their lunch break. It has a quiet atmosphere and I saw several people using wi-fi on their laptops.

這些貓很可愛, 但是在這裡, 貓比較低調. 牠們不會跳在桌子上. 跟義式品嘗館, 這裡也是比較像餐廳. 他們也有很多義大利食品. 好像很多上班族來這裡吃午餐. 這店的氣氛比較安靜. 我也看好幾個人用電腦, 因為店裡有wi-fi.


Design Fever 義式品嘗館

13 Aug

CIMG1012 Design Fever  義式品嘗館

Address: 桃園縣中壢市實踐路225-27號

Hours: M-F 11:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00; Weekends 週末 11:00-22:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100

I took a train to Zhongli, a city south of Taoyuan, to go to two more cafes that were in the book. Originally I’d planned to go to Top Point Cafe first, but the hours in the book are wrong, so it was still closed when I got there. So I went to Design Fever, about ten minutes walk away. When I went in, I chose the table with the cat on it. 我今天坐火車到中壢因為書說有兩各貓咪咖啡館. 我原來想先去突點義大利美食咖啡但是書裡面的營業時間是錯的. 我到的時候, 他們還沒開, 所以我走路是分鐘到義式品嘗館. 我後來很開心我去. 我選坐在一各有貓的桌子.


He didn’t stay there that long though because he decided to jump over to the other table to check out what they were having. I love having a cat on my table, though I do think people who don’t absolutely love cats would be a little put off by it. But even though this cafe has six adorable cats, it doesn’t smell at all and it’s very clean. They put covers on the water cups so the cats can’t drink out of them.

但是牠快離開我的桌子因為牠看旁邊的客人的桌子有比較有趣的東西. 我自己很喜歡有貓在我的桌子, 但是我覺得沒那麼愛貓的人會不太喜歡. 反正, 店裡還是很乾經. 他們有六各很可愛的貓, 都沒有臭味. 他們把蓋子在客人水杯上, 所以貓不可以喝.


The cats were all beautiful and very friendly. 貓都很漂亮, 很親切對客人.




And after I’d seen these, a little calico kitten came out! 我看這些貓以後, 一隻花斑貓出現!


And then, a waitress brought out another kitten and let me hold it. Then it stayed on my table the whole time. 然後, 一各店員帶來例外的小貓, 讓我保牠. 以後這個小貓一只留在我的桌子上.

CIMG1045CIMG1047It’s actually more of a restaurant than a cafe, with a variety of Italian food on the menu. Pastas are about NT$150-$180 and pizzas are NT$200. Most drinks are NT$100, and they also have several set meals to choose from. I ordered a pizza and rose tea. The kitten was also interested in my tea. 其實這咖啡館是比較像餐廳. 他們有很多義式菜. 義大利麵是大概NT$150-180, 比薩NT$200. 大部分的飲料是NT$100. 我點比薩跟玫瑰花茶. 貓咪也對我的茶很有興趣.

CIMG1048The pizza was huge! It was good, but I couldn’t eat it in one sitting. The kitten wanted to help me. 比薩超大! 很好吃, 但是我一個人吃不下. 小貓想幫我吃!

CIMG1050It was worth the trip to Zhongli to go to this place and play with the kittens. 中壢一點遠, 但是我覺得去遠的地方跟這麼可愛的小貓玩是值得.