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My cat cafes book release: Available 9/1/16!

24 Aug

I’ve written a book about cat cafes based on my blog and it will be available September 1! http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010726529?loc=P_002_023

我9/1要出書, ‘這裡有貓,歡迎光臨:老外帶路,探訪62間貓店長私藏地圖http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010726529?loc=P_002_023

The book is bilingual and includes all the cat cafes on this blog that are still currently in business. At my favorite cafes, I’ve done interviews and included more detailed information about some of the cats. The cafes all have star ratings and are divided up by type so readers can easily find the cafe they want to go to.

書是雙語的, 含所有還在營業的貓咖啡. 在我最喜歡的貓咖啡, 我有採訪老闆, 還有寫比較多貓店長的資料. 我給每一件評論1-5星, 還有份很多種貓咖啡所以人可以找到最喜歡的.


Cat Foot Massage Place 貓足部養生館

13 Oct

DSCN3112 佳農足部健康養生館 Foot massage place with cat

Address: 新北市新店區復興路48號 (around the corner from Tzu Chi Buddhist Hospital)

Minimum cost per person麼人最低消費: 40 minute foot massage NT$600, 40分鐘腳底按摩NT$600


This isn’t really a cat-themed place, but I’m including it because it does have two friendly, adorable cats. The cats are the reason I went back a second time. 這間養生館不是真的貓主題點, 但是他們有兩隻很可愛的貓. 是因為貓我才來第二次.



DSCN3113  DSCN3115

At NT$600 for a 40 minute foot massage, it’s a bit expensive compared to other places; I thought around NT$400 is the usual rate for similar places. The massage was pretty good, though and it’s in my neighborhood. And of course, the cats add value to the experience.

40分鐘按摩要付NT$600, 我覺得有點貴. 好像這種按摩館平常只要$400. 但是這間裡我家很近, 按摩還不錯. 還有, 有貓是更好.

DSCN3120 DSCN3125


Go Bar 狗吧

21 Nov

CIMG2349  Go Bar 狗吧

Address: 新北市新店區環河路17號

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 11:30-21:00; Closed Monday and Tuesday; on weekends call 02-2918-3696 for reservations 週末必須要訂位, 電話: 02-2918-3696

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$200

I found this place a couple of weeks ago when I was walking around the Bitan area on a Sunday evening. Xindian may not have a cat cafe, but they do have a dog cafe! The cafe has four dogs of its own, and customers can also bring their own dogs. When I first saw it, it was crowded and they didn’t have any seats without reservations, so I came back on a weekday afternoon. Even on a weekday, there were quite a few people with their dogs. I think I was the only person without a dog.

我兩個禮拜前在碧潭散步的時候, 我找到這個咖啡館. 新店沒有貓咖啡館, 但是有購咖啡館! 咖啡館有四隻狗, 海有客人可以帶自己的狗. 我第一天看到是禮拜日晚上所以人很多,都沒有位置. 她們說週末一定要訂位. 所以我平常日下午有回來. 還是有好幾個人帶他們的狗. 好像只有我沒有帶狗.


The cafe had a nice atmosphere, especially on a warm afternoon with a fresh breeze blowing through it. The dogs were very sweet and friendly. My favorite was 妹妹, the golden retriever.

咖啡館的氣氛很好, 在一個好天氣的下午特別好. 他們的狗都很可愛. 我最喜歡的是妹妹, 一個黃金獵犬.

CIMG2372 CIMG2366 CIMG2367

And here are the others (the fourth one, a medium-sized black dog, wouldn’t stay still for the camera) :

CIMG2352 CIMG2380 CIMG2381

The other people’s dogs were cute, too, though not quite so well behaved. The cafe does a very good job of keeping things clean and their are signs asking people to clean up after their pets (and plastic bags provided). Both these dogs pooped and peed on the floor, although it was cleaned up quickly:

客人的狗也很可愛但是沒有那麼乖. 咖啡館很乾淨;我看店員產常在打掃. 他們還有牌子說人要清理自己的狗大小便 (還有提供垃圾袋). 這些狗有大小便在地板上, 但是主人快清理:

CIMG2356 CIMG2368

On the menu, they have a variety of fried foods, pastas and desserts, as well as the typical coffee drinks. I had a latte (NT$110) and a brownie with ice cream (NT$120). The coffee really wasn’t very good; I wouldn’t order it again. They did have a good selection of beers though.

菜單有炸食物, 義大利麵, 點心, 海有咖啡,茶飲. 我點一個拿鐵 (NT$110), 還有一個冰淇淋布勞尼(NT$120). 我覺得那個拿鐵不好喝,我不會再點. 但是他們也有很多種啤酒.

CIMG2369 CIMG2373

Wood House 原木工坊

23 Oct

CIMG2192  Wood House 原木工坊

新店市北新路三段26號 (Between Dapinglin and Qizhang MRT stations)

This actually isn’t a cat cafe; it’s a furniture shop that just happens to have at least four cats. But since I’ve been to almost all the cat cafes in Taipei now, and have moved to Xindian where there don’t seem to be any cat cafes (I’d really like to start one of my own!), I thought it was worth mentioning.

這間店真的不是貓咖啡館. 是一間傢俱店, 但是他們有四隻多貓! 因為我已經去過大部分臺北的貓咖啡館, 海有我最近搬到新店, 新店好像沒有買咖啡館 (我的夢想是一天可以自己開貓咖啡館!), 我要寫這間店.

I was just walking by this shop when I noticed a cute Siamese kitten in the window, so I went in. It was very friendly, and soon another Siamese kitten also walked up and rubbed against my leg.

我在路上忽然看到一隻貓在窗戶裡面, 所以我進去. 貓很可愛, 很親人. 然後我快看到第二隻貓, 也很親人.



The shop had beautiful, custom made furniture, some of it cat-themed, like the lamp in the top picture, or like this chair. 店裡有很漂亮,設計傢俱, 有些有貓主題, 像上面的照片, 或這個椅子:








This lovely orange cat was resting under a lamp. 這隻可愛的黃色貓咪在登下面:


And this little kitten was by the cash register.


There’s also a second floor that I haven’t been to yet. But when I walked by again yesterday, I saw one of the kittens in the second floor window, so there may be even more cats up there. 他們還有二樓, 我還沒去過. 但是我昨天看到小貓在二樓的窗戶裡, 所以二樓可能會有更多貓!