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Top Point 突點義大利美食咖啡館

13 Aug

CIMG1057  Top Point 突點義大利美食咖啡館

Address: 桃園縣中壢市富州路20號 (訂位03-428-2972)

Hours: 11:30-22:00, closed Sundays 週日公休






The book says they open at 11:00, but it actually opens at 11:30. The book does also say to make reservations, but I thought it wouldn’t be that busy on a weekday afternoon. However, the book was right about that. Be sure to call and make reservations. I got there at about 12:45, and they told me there were no seats available. But at least they let me take pictures of the cats.

書說他們11:00開門, 但是真的11:30開門. 書也說需要訂位. 但是我以為平常日應該不會有很多人. 但是書說對的. 應該要先訂位! 我12:45到了, 他們跟我說沒有位置. 但是他們還是讓我拍照.



CIMG1061The black and white one is so sweet! 我很喜歡牠!

But although these cats are very nice, they weren’t as much the center of attention as in Design Fever. They stayed off to the side away from where people were eating. This is also more of a restaurant than a cafe, also Italian food. It seems like a lot of office workers come here on their lunch break. It has a quiet atmosphere and I saw several people using wi-fi on their laptops.

這些貓很可愛, 但是在這裡, 貓比較低調. 牠們不會跳在桌子上. 跟義式品嘗館, 這裡也是比較像餐廳. 他們也有很多義大利食品. 好像很多上班族來這裡吃午餐. 這店的氣氛比較安靜. 我也看好幾個人用電腦, 因為店裡有wi-fi.


Light and Shadow Dance (只是光形)

9 Aug

CIMG0954 只是光形

Address: 桃園市新民街19號2樓

Hours: M-Th 12:00-22:00, Fri.-Sun 12:00-23:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100

From the pictures in the book, I expected this cafe not to be very interesting. In fact, the book said that it’s like a lot of the cafes near Shida, but it’s nice for the people who live in Taoyuan because there aren’t many cafes like this. But I think it stands out even compared to Taipei cafes.

我看書中的照片, 我沒想到這家咖啡館會怎麼有趣. 書說這咖啡是想很多師大的咖啡館, 可是桃園遊比較少這種的. 但是我自己覺得只是光形還是比很多臺北咖啡館特別.

It has warm lighting, dark wood floors, and doesn’t smell of cat at all even though they have three. The friendly cats looked content stretched out on the floor.

裡面很漂亮, 有很舒服的氣氛. 他們又三隻可愛的貓咪, 但是店裡沒有臭味, 其實有很香的咖啡味. 貓都看起來很開心.


CIMG0962This cafe was more crowded than Words Cafe, but it had a better atmosphere. I was really afraid I might not get a seat there and I hesitantly asked if I could sit down, and the barista smiled and said of course I could and gave me a menu. I liked the design of the menu, which was almost like a book, though I didn’t get a picture of it. It also had an advertisement for a book club in it that meets in the cafe one evening a month, and it told about the books for the next three months. I hadn’t seen that in a cafe before.

比啡文館, 這邊有比較多人, 但是氣氛也好很多. 我看怎麼多人, 我怕沒有位置.我問他們又沒有位置, 他們熱心說當然有, 給我看菜單. 他們的菜單看起來很特別, 一點像一本書, 但是我沒拍到.



I ordered an iced coffee and a waffle with ice cream. The waffle with ice cream was just NT$120, and they had many other waffles to choose from for the same price. As seen below, it was huge, and it was delicious.

我點一個冰美式咖啡, 還有一個冰淇淋鬆餅. 冰淇淋鬆餅只要NT$120. 他們還有很多口味鬆餅可以選. 鬆餅超大又超好吃!

CIMG0969 And here are more pictures of the cats: 更多貓照片:

CIMG0973CIMG0975The cafe has books for people to read there and also sells some books, as well as stationery and pencils. I bought a cute postcard that was designed just for the cafe:

咖啡館也有書. 有一些賣的, 有一些客人可以看的. 他們還在賣文具. 我買這個很可愛的信片.


Words Cafe (啡文館)

9 Aug

CIMG0924 Words Cafe

Address: 桃園市中山路156號2樓

Hours: Weekdays: 13:00-23:30, Saturday 12:00-23:30, Sunday 12:00-23:00

Minimum cost per person: NT$120

I went to Taoyuan today, an hour from Taipei, just to go to the two cat cafes in the book that are there. I’d especially been looking forward to this one because it has four beautiful fluffy cats (apparently only three now). The cats were as beautiful as in the pictures and very sweet and friendly.




However, the cafe and its staff were not so nice. The main seating area had carpet and it smelled of cat urine. I had been hungry but I just ordered a hot cafe mocha.


At first, I was sitting at the table with the red backpack beside it. I mainly chose it because it had a good view of the cats, and the place wasn’t crowded so I didn’t think it was a problem. But when these people came in, the guy who worked there asked me to move because they have three people, it’s a four-person table, and I’m by myself. I was kind of annoyed because there were other places where they could sit, but I just moved. I thought I’d go to the front of the cafe where they have these beanbag chairs.


But the guy told me I probably don’t want to sit over there because it’s hotter there and they have air conditioning in the other section. Actually, they didn’t have air-conditioning, just fans. When I first went in, I didn’t notice as much because at least it was slightly cooler than outside (which was 36C!). But it was really hot even with the fans on. The cats looked hot too. This one was trying to stay in the path of the fan as much as possible.


I regretted ordering hot coffee and they took a long time to bring it over. And since there were two people working, and only about 8 people in the cafe, who all came in and ordered at different times, there was no reason for it to take that long. People have to pay when they order rather than when they leave, maybe because people would get tired of waiting and give up if they hadn’t paid first. The cats are adorable, but I’d recommend just looking at them and then leaving for the other cat cafe “Light and Shadow Dance”, which is less than 5 minutes walk away and is much better (and air-conditioned!).