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Puppy at Cafe Dog and Cats! 小狗在貓花園

26 Aug

When I was in Cafe Dog and Cats today, they brought in an adorable black puppy! They said he was a stray and is about three months old. Now, he’s probably going to stay at the cafe! 我今天在貓花園, 他們有帶一隻很可愛的小狗 (“小黑”). 他們說他是一隻野狗, 他們昨天找到的. 現在希望他會一直留在貓花園!

CIMG1231Some of the cats were very interested to see what was in the box.


When they let the dog out of the box, this cat seemed eager to make friends. 這隻貓好像很高興認識小黑!

CIMG1236These cats weren’t so sure:


CIMG1252And this one just preferred to continue napping. 這隻貓不在乎, 只想睡覺:



The dog accepted the new arrival without much excitement.