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Three Cats Cafe 三貓小舖

20 Feb

Three Cats Cafe 三貓小舖

Address 地址: 台北市大同區赤峰街53巷14號

Hours 營業時間: 11:30-20:00

I haven’t posted since my book was published, partly because I’ve already been to most of the cat cafes in Taiwan and partly because I’ve moved to Malaysia. However, I just went back to Taiwan for a short trip and my friend told me about a new cat cafe between Zhongshan and Shuanglian stations. There’s no minimum drink purchase as this is also a shop with lots of cat-themed items, so people are free to browse.

我很久沒寫. 我出書之後, 我搬到馬來西亞, 還有我已經去過大部分的台灣貓咖啡. 但是我最近回來台灣幾天. 我朋友跟我說有一間新的貓咖啡在中山/雙連附近. 沒有最低消費因為他們賣很多貓主題東西, 可以進去逛.

There are actually five cats, not three as the name suggests. The name is the name of their brand and they were selling cat-themed items before they started the cafe. Two of the cats are friendly and three are shy. The long haired grey one was very friendly. The tabby was timid and wouldn’t let anyone pet her, but she was fascinated by my cat ears hat. She seemed to think it was a real cat. 三貓小舖是他們牌子的名字, 咖啡裡有五隻貓. 兩隻喜歡人, 三隻比較害羞. 一隻很喜歡我的帽子. 牠很怕人, 但是牠好像以為我的帽子是一隻貓!

The two cats not pictured were an orange and white cat and a black kitten. My friends and I just had tea as the cafe was going to close in less than an hour. The menu has the usual coffee and tea selections and some desserts. The shop has a large selection of adorable shirts, bags, stationery, wall hangings, coasters and more. 還有一隻黑色小貓, 一隻橘色的, 我沒有拍到. 我們隻喝茶因為咖啡館快要關門. 菜單有咖啡, 茶, 點心. 他們的商品非常可愛, 有很多很特別的東西.



A Day 日日村

8 Nov

DSCN6226A Day 日日村

Address: 新北市永和區仁愛路279號1樓

Phone: 02-2925-7699

Hours 開業時間: Tuesday-Sunday 週二-天13:00-22:00, Closed Mondays 週一公休

Minimum cost per person: 每人最低消費: NT$100

I found this on the way back from Cafe Fima. This is also more of a cat with a cat rather than a cat-themed cafe. But still, I saw the cat signs outside and had to go in. 我先去菲瑪咖啡, 在路上找到這間. 這間也是’有貓的咖啡館’ 不是真的貓咖啡館. 但是我看外面的牌子說有貓, 所以一定要進去.


It’s in an old building and has wood floors and cute, country style decorations. Some of them are cat-themed, and the menus have cats drawn on them. 裝飾都很可愛, 在一個古老的房子. 有些有貓主題, 菜單有貓畫在上面.

DSCN6212 DSCN6220

DSCN6214 DSCN6219

The cat was asleep in the glass counter the whole time I was there. 我在的時候, 貓都在玻璃櫃台裡面睡覺.


Since I’d just been to one cafe and wasn’t planning on staying long, I just ordered an iced Americano. The menu has a variety of meal choices; their specialty seems to be Japanese food. They also sell postcards and other cute knick-knacks, many of them also Japanese style. 因為我已經剛去咖啡館, 我只點一個冰美食咖啡 (NT$110). 菜單有很多選擇. 他們的招牌是日式料理. 他們也有賣信片, 還有可愛的日式小品.


Purr-fect Cat Cafe (Penang, Malaysia 檳城, 馬來西亞)

18 Oct

DSCN5753Purr-fect Cat Cafe (檳城, 馬來西亞)

Address 地址: 53, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Phone 電話: +60 4-261 1197

Hours 開業時間: 11:00-21:30

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: RM18

I went to Penang for a race and found out that there was a cat cafe there! The first floor sells postcards, shirts, magnets, jewellery and other cat-themed items. To go to the second floor where the cats are, there’s a minimum purchase of RM18. They have a menu at the counter to order food and drinks. After paying, customers need to take off their shoes and wash their hands before going upstairs. 我去檳城跑朝馬, 我發現他們有一間貓咖啡! 一樓賣很多關於貓的商品. 要進去二樓要先點只少RM18的東西. 在櫃檯有菜單. 付錢後, 客人要脫鞋, 洗手, 然後可以上二樓.



Upstairs, the cats are in a glass room separated from the food area.  One of the cats kept pawing at the door and meowing to get out. 在樓上, 有貓區, 用餐區分開. 一隻貓一直要來用餐區!

DSCN5760 DSCN5763

I played with the cats while waiting for my order. They have eight cats, all very friendly. 我等我的套餐, 我跟貓玩. 他們有八隻很可愛的貓.

DSCN5765 DSCN5766

DSCN5768 DSCN5769


I ordered a set, RM20 for a piece of cake with choice of juice, soda or non-alcoholic champagne. The cake was very good. I liked this cafe although I’d rather sit in the same room as the cats. 我點套餐 (RM20), 有蛋糕還有飲料. 蛋糕很好吃. 我喜歡這間, 但是我比較喜歡跟貓坐在一起.


Sugar Bistro 小食糖

7 Aug

DSCN5133Sugar Bistro 小食糖

Address: 台北市中正區信義路二段181巷3號

Hours: Monday-Friday 週一-五 9:30-20:00 週末 Saturday-Sunday 9:30-21:30

Minimum cost per person每人最低消費: NT$100



This cafe is more of a cafe with a cat rather than a cat cafe, but the cat is cute and friendly and worth visiting. The cafe is in a traditional old building and has indoor and outdoor seating on two floors. 這咖啡館不算貓主題咖啡但是有一隻可愛的貓. 是在一個古老的房子, 人可以坐裡面或外面.



The cat was stretched out in a box at the back of the cafe, but he was happy to be petted. 貓在後面躺在一個盒子, 但是他喜歡人摸她.


The menu has a good variety of brunch and lunch options. Rebecca ordered a salmon omelette (NT$200) and I got a double mushroom ‘burrito’ (NT$180), which was actually a pita. We also both got berry smoothies which were huge and had lots of real strawberries and blackberries in them. 菜單有早午餐還有其他簡餐. 我朋友點一個鮭魚煎蛋捲套餐(NT$200), 我點雙香菇’burrito’ (墨西哥捲) (NT$180), 但是不是’burrito’, 是’pita'(圓麵餅), 還是好吃. 我們兩個喝莓果冰沙 (NT$160), 很大, 很好喝.


The cafe also sells postcards and other gift items, although most aren’t cat-related. It has wi-fi and outlets, so it would be a good place to work or study. 咖啡館也在賣文具, 其他物品. 有無線網路, 還有插座, 所以是一個好地方讀書, 工作.


Anhe 65 安和65

4 Jun

 DSCN1589 Anhe 65 安和65

Address: 臺北市安和路一段65號 (near Xinyi Anhe MRT)

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 週二-週日 11:00-21:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低 : Espresso 儀式咖啡 NT$100, or you can look around the shop and gallery for free 也可以免費進入逛商品.






This is another cafe I found out about from this blog. This is a cat-themed shop, gallery and cafe that has one cat. It has adorable cat paintings and decorations all around. 我找到這家咖啡館在這個部落格. 這是一個貓主題商店,畫廊和咖啡館, 有一隻貓. 他們有很多可愛的裝飾.

DSCN1598 DSCN1599

DSCN1597 DSCN1608

Here’s the cat. She especially likes being petted on the head. 店員說貓特別喜歡人摸頭.

DSCN1602 DSCN1603


And it’s not just a cafe; they also sell cat-themed alcohol, to drink there or in gift sets. 他們還有賣酒品.

DSCN1607 DSCN1596

DSCN1606 DSCN1605

I ordered a Neko beer (NT$180) and a jalapeno, sausage and cheese panini (NT$260). The beer is a wheat beer, brewed in Taiwan but much better than most Taiwan beers. 我點一瓶”貓啤酒”(NT$180)和一個墨西哥辣椒,香腸, 起司三明治(NT$260).


DSCN1609DSCN1612I would recommend this place to anyone and definitely plan to come back. 我很推薦這家咖啡館, 我一定要常回來.

Fat Cat’s Story 肥貓故事館

2 Mar

DSCN0293 Fat Cat’s Story肥貓故事館

Address: 台南市北區北門路二段297號

Hours: 11:00-21:00, Closed Tuesdays 週二公休

Minimum Cost Per Person 每人最低消費: NT80



I went to this cat cafe in Tainan before going to the Yanshui Fireworks Festival. It only has two cats, but it’s very cute and definitely worth going to. It has photographs taken by the owner and other cat related exhibits by artists and design students.

我去台南去鹽水蜂炮的時候去這咖啡館. 只有兩隻貓, 但是店非常可愛, 不要錯過的地方. 有老闆的攝影, 還有其他設計學生, 藝術家做的關於貓的東西.



One of the cats is very friendly and sits in customers’ laps. The other one is shy and spends most of its time hiding in the kitchen.

一隻貓很喜歡坐在客人身上. 第二個比較害羞, 多再廚房.


The menu was simple, basic coffee drinks and also fresh-baked desserts. I just had an Americano, which was good.

菜單很簡單, 咖啡和手工甜點. 我喝美式咖啡.


Light and Shadow Dance (只是光形)

9 Aug

CIMG0954 只是光形

Address: 桃園市新民街19號2樓

Hours: M-Th 12:00-22:00, Fri.-Sun 12:00-23:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100

From the pictures in the book, I expected this cafe not to be very interesting. In fact, the book said that it’s like a lot of the cafes near Shida, but it’s nice for the people who live in Taoyuan because there aren’t many cafes like this. But I think it stands out even compared to Taipei cafes.

我看書中的照片, 我沒想到這家咖啡館會怎麼有趣. 書說這咖啡是想很多師大的咖啡館, 可是桃園遊比較少這種的. 但是我自己覺得只是光形還是比很多臺北咖啡館特別.

It has warm lighting, dark wood floors, and doesn’t smell of cat at all even though they have three. The friendly cats looked content stretched out on the floor.

裡面很漂亮, 有很舒服的氣氛. 他們又三隻可愛的貓咪, 但是店裡沒有臭味, 其實有很香的咖啡味. 貓都看起來很開心.


CIMG0962This cafe was more crowded than Words Cafe, but it had a better atmosphere. I was really afraid I might not get a seat there and I hesitantly asked if I could sit down, and the barista smiled and said of course I could and gave me a menu. I liked the design of the menu, which was almost like a book, though I didn’t get a picture of it. It also had an advertisement for a book club in it that meets in the cafe one evening a month, and it told about the books for the next three months. I hadn’t seen that in a cafe before.

比啡文館, 這邊有比較多人, 但是氣氛也好很多. 我看怎麼多人, 我怕沒有位置.我問他們又沒有位置, 他們熱心說當然有, 給我看菜單. 他們的菜單看起來很特別, 一點像一本書, 但是我沒拍到.



I ordered an iced coffee and a waffle with ice cream. The waffle with ice cream was just NT$120, and they had many other waffles to choose from for the same price. As seen below, it was huge, and it was delicious.

我點一個冰美式咖啡, 還有一個冰淇淋鬆餅. 冰淇淋鬆餅只要NT$120. 他們還有很多口味鬆餅可以選. 鬆餅超大又超好吃!

CIMG0969 And here are more pictures of the cats: 更多貓照片:

CIMG0973CIMG0975The cafe has books for people to read there and also sells some books, as well as stationery and pencils. I bought a cute postcard that was designed just for the cafe:

咖啡館也有書. 有一些賣的, 有一些客人可以看的. 他們還在賣文具. 我買這個很可愛的信片.