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La Vie Revee Des Anges 天使熱愛的生活

18 Sep

,DSCN2885 La Vie Revee Des Anges 天使熱愛的生活

Address: 新北市淡水區中正路233-1號

Hours: 13:00-1:00

Minimum cost per person 每人消費: NT$70




This was listed as a cat cafe in the second book, and so I went all the way to Danshui today to see it. It is not a cat cafe anymore. I don’t think it could ever really be considered a cat cafe. The cat that was there was a stray that used to just hang out at the cafe all the time, and the owner decided to adopt it and take it home. The guy working in the cafe told me that the cat is doing  well and has gotten very fat. The only cat related things about the cafe is this:

貓日和咖啡館2說這是一間貓咖啡. 所以我今天才去淡水看一下. 真的不是貓咖啡. 以前也不太算貓咖啡. 店員跟我說以前書裡面的貓是一隻流浪貓一直來那個咖啡館. 後來,老闆領養牠, 帶牠回家. 他說貓的生活現在很好,牠變得很胖! 咖啡館只有這個貓主題的東西:

DSCN2888Still, if you’re not expecting a cat cafe, it’s a lovely place otherwise with an amazing view. The seating area is on the second floor and is all open air. 這間咖啡館還是很不錯. 很可愛, 還有很漂亮的風景.

DSCN2891 DSCN2892

I had a bagel with cream cheese (NT$70) and a latte with curacao and triple sec (NT$150). Both of these were delicious. 我吃起司硬麵包圈, 喝柑桂酒拿鐵.



Al Dente Cucina

10 Jun

DSCN1731  Al Dente Cucina

Address: 台北市忠孝東路四段559巷34號

Hours: 11:30-14:30, 17:30-21:30

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100




I was leaving the Songyan Eslite and wandering around just to see if there were any cat cafes around when I saw this place! Unfortunately, it was 4:00pm and it’s only open for lunch and dinner. Still, since I don’t go to this area very often, I decided to wait. And while waiting, I discovered Together & Forever, a great cat cafe. This restaurant turned out to be not so great, however. Look at this sign:我離開松菸誠品去逛一下看有沒有貓咖啡館, 我看到這間! 但是那時候是下午4點,還沒開.因為我很少來這附近我決定要等. 我在等的時候找到就是幸福, 一個很棒的貓咖啡館. 但是這間餐廳不是很好. 看下面的牌子:

DSCN1730Combined with the main sign, and also that their business card says they have cats, it seems reasonable to assume that there would be at least one cat here. But the waitress looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about the cat. She just said there wasn’t a cat there. So I asked if there ever was and how often and when it might be there. She looked a little annoyed, but asked someone else, who said it was there earlier but not now. He also didn’t seem very friendly or willing to volunteer any more information. Still, I decided to stay since there were at least some cat decorations to take pictures of. 看這兩個牌子會不會想一定會有貓? 我沒有看到. 我問店員, 她瞪我好像她覺得我很奇怪. 她貓不在. 所一我問貓什麼時候在?  是現在都沒有貓或是只是今天牠沒來? 她看起來有點不開心但是她問別人. 她也不太想跟我講話, 但是他說那天下午貓在, 但是今天牠不要回來. 我還是留下來因為牠們還有一些貓主題裝飾.

DSCN1768 DSCN1770

I ordered a pepperoni pizza (NT$170), which was ok. 我點儀式臘腸比薩 (NT$170), 還好.

DSCN1765 DSCN1774

The bathroom smelled very strongly of cat pee, though there was no litterbox in there. Maybe the cat had just peed all over the place and that’s why  no one wanted to talk about it. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this place. 廁所有很重貓尿的味道. 我想有可能貓剛剛亂尿尿, 所以沒有人想講貓的事. 不知道, 但是我不會推薦這家.

Dela 1010

1 May

DSCN1162  Dela 1010

Address 地址: 台北市大安區忠孝東路三段217巷2弄4號 (nearest MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng, Exit 4)

Hours: 11:00-21:30, Closed Tuesdays 公休週二

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100




According to the book, this cafe has an adorable Persian, but it wasn’t there when I went. The owner said it was taking a day off but was usually there. Still I wouldn’t really call this a cat cafe. It has a nice atmosphere, but isn’t cat themed, except for the picture of the cat in the window and this sticker.

“貓日和咖啡II”說這間有一個很可愛的波斯貓, 但是我去的時候, 牠不在. 老闆說牠平常來, 但是那天休息. 其實我還是覺得這間不算貓咖啡. 有很少貓主題的東西, 只有貓的照片還有這個貼著.

DSCN1163 DSCN1165

It has typical coffee and tea selections on the menu. I had an Americano NT$100. They also have a wide variety of delicious desserts, displayed on postcards. I ordered a 帕瑪森巧克力. I’m not sure how to translate it. The last part is “chocolate” and I think the first part is Parmesan. I thought the white, fluffy stuff on top was coconut, but it did taste sort of like Parmesan cheese. It wasn’t very sweet, and that turned out to be a good combination with the rich fudge under it.

飲品多根差不多的咖啡館一樣. 我喝美式咖啡 NT$100. 他們還有很多不一樣的甜點. 都看起來很好吃, 很難選. 我點一個帕馬森巧克力. 海是不知道是什麼. 我以為有椰子在上面但是好像是起司. 很好吃, 不會很甜, 很好配很甜的巧克力.


DSCN1171 DSCN1174

This cafe has a bright, relaxed atmosphere and is quiet enough for reading and studying. I’d also recommend it for the desserts, but not as a cat cafe. 這間很亮, 有很好的氣氛, 很適合讀書. 我也會推薦他們的甜點, 但是如果想去貓咖啡館, 我不會選擇.

Chamber 秘氐咖啡

27 Apr

DSCN1134 Chamber 秘氐咖啡

Address: 台北市大安區浦城街四巷31號

Hours: 13:00-22:00, closed Mondays 週一公休

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$120





This was in the second cat cafe book, but it isn’t really a cat cafe anymore. According to the book, they had one cat. When I asked about it, the owner said that they don’t bring it to the cafe anymore because it’s afraid of people. There also isn’t anything cat-themed about the cafe. It’s in an old building and filled with beautiful antiques.

我看這間在”貓和咖啡第2″, 但是現在不時貓咖啡. 書說他們有一隻貓. 但是我問老闆, 他說他現在不會帶貓, 因為貓很怕人. 咖啡館也沒有貓主題的東西. 在意個漂亮古老的房子, 裡面有很多很特別的古董.



Their specialty is gourmet coffee, with the cheapest cup at NT$180 and the most expensive at NT$350. That’s for a rather small cup; a pot, which is about the size of a typical large coffee is about NT$100 more. But while the price does seem excessive, they do make sure it’s the highest quality coffee. They explain where the beans came from and what kind of flavor they’re supposed to have. For each cup or pot, the beans are freshly ground and brewed. I had a “Bliss of Gaya” from Sumatra (NT$180) and also a tiramisu (NT$150). For a cheaper option, they do have tea at NT$120, but that seems like kind of a waste to me since the main point of this place is the coffee.

這間的特色是高級的咖啡, 最便宜一杯NT$180, 最貴一杯NT$350. 一杯有點小; 一壺(就像大杯)要加大概NT$100. 真的有點貴, 旦是咖啡真的很好. 老闆會介紹咖啡豆從哪裡來, 有什麼特別的口味. 每一杯, 他們會用新鮮的咖啡豆. 我喝一杯印尼的咖啡 (NT$180)還有吃提拉米蘇 (NT$150). 他們還有茶, 比較便宜 (NT$120) 但是我覺得應該要喝他們的招牌.


They also have a small, old-fashioned hair salon in one section. I thought the barber’s chair and accessories were just for decoration, but they said someone still cuts hair there! I didn’t ask when or how much it is.

還有一個小,很古老的理髮院. 我以為只是裝飾, 但是他們說真的有人來剪頭髮!


While this definitely isn’t a cat cafe, it might be worth visiting if you appreciate high quality coffee and antiques.

這其實不是貓咖啡, 旦是喜歡高級咖啡,古老的東西的人應該會很喜歡.



Cafe Ballet (芭蕾咖啡館)

8 Aug

CIMG0915 Cafe Ballet

Address: 臺北市松山區民生東路5段8弄62號

Hours: Weekdays 11:30-20:00, weekends 10:00-20:00

Minimum cost per person: NT$130





This “cat cafe” now also has no cats, at least most of the time.  I asked them about it and they said he’s at home today and only comes to the cafe sometimes now. The closest thing to a cat was this photo:


It was still a nice cafe. Their afternoon tea special is buy a drink, add NT$25 and choose any dessert. They bake the desserts there. I had an iced americano and cranberry cheesecake.



The cafe has a pleasant atmosphere for working or studying and plenty of light. It’s also convenient that they have fast free wi-fi and outlets by almost all of the tables. If it weren’t far away for me, I would definitely come back here often and see if the cat shows up sometime.



Le Park Cafe 公園咖啡(Not a Cat Cafe Anymore)

2 Aug

CIMG0835  Le Park Cafe 公園咖啡

Address: 臺北市中山區遼寧街146號

Hours: Weekdays 13:00-23:00, Weekends 13:00-24:00, Closed Tuesdays

Minimum cost per person: Espresso NT$90

The closest thing to a cat in this supposed “cat cafe” is the picture of the cat in the top left corner of the above photo. It’s the right address, the right name, and the furnishings and decorations are the same as in the book, but there are no cats! According to the book, there were two, Molly and Park, but the girl who was working there said they didn’t have any cats and she didn’t even know that they used to.

But since it was sort of a long way to get there, I decided to stay awhile anyway. It does have a nice atmosphere, classical music playing, and many brochures for plays and concerts. I had a cafe Americano and a brownie with ice cream and wrote a letter. The brownie almost made up for not getting to see any cats.