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My cat cafes book release: Available 9/1/16!

24 Aug

I’ve written a book about cat cafes based on my blog and it will be available September 1! http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010726529?loc=P_002_023

我9/1要出書, ‘這裡有貓,歡迎光臨:老外帶路,探訪62間貓店長私藏地圖http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010726529?loc=P_002_023

The book is bilingual and includes all the cat cafes on this blog that are still currently in business. At my favorite cafes, I’ve done interviews and included more detailed information about some of the cats. The cafes all have star ratings and are divided up by type so readers can easily find the cafe they want to go to.

書是雙語的, 含所有還在營業的貓咖啡. 在我最喜歡的貓咖啡, 我有採訪老闆, 還有寫比較多貓店長的資料. 我給每一件評論1-5星, 還有份很多種貓咖啡所以人可以找到最喜歡的.

Ailu Cat House (Vietnam越南)

10 Jun

DSCN8034Ailu Cat House

Address地址: 284 Nguyen Trong Tuyen Phu Nhuan

Hours營業時間: 8:30-23:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: VND 45,000 (about $2)


When I took a trip to Vietnam, of course I had to see if they had cat cafes. I thought it was unlikely, but to my surprise, they had a few! This cafe has three floors, with the first floor being a Japanese restaurant, the second a cat cafe and the third a dog cafe (not much to the dog cafe, just a room with three little dogs). The cat cafe has 19 adorable, friendly cats.

我剛去越南, 我一定要看他們有沒有貓咖啡. 我想應該沒有, 但是我找到幾間! 這間有三樓: 一樓是日式餐廳, 二樓是貓咖啡, 三樓是狗咖啡 (狗咖啡其實沒有什麼, 只是一個空間有三隻小狗) 貓咖啡有19很可愛的貓咪.

One cat sat on my table. They told me his name was ‘dog’ in Vietnamese because he acts like a dog. I ordered an avocado smoothie (VND 60,000) and that was very good. 一隻貓坐在我桌子上. 店員說他的名字是’狗’應為牠個性像狗. 我點一個鱷梨冰沙.

The cafe seemed very clean and there were lots of places for the cats to play. It did have a bit of a smell, but the staff were in the process of cleaning. 咖啡裡面看起來很乾淨, 有很多地方貓可以玩. 有一點貓尿味道, 但是店員一直在清理.

They had a couple of kittens that were a few months old and some very tiny ones that were still with their mother. 他們有兩個小貓, 還有一些剛出生的小貓跟他們的媽媽在一起.

This was a very nice cafe and it seems like the staff really care about the cats. Here are more pictures of the cats我很喜歡這間,好像店員很關心貓:







Minou Minou

21 Dec

DSCN3427  Minou Minou

Address: 台北市羅斯福路四段138號2樓 (near Gongguan exit 1)

Hours: 11:-21:30

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100





I was just wandering around Gongguan in the alley that goes to the movie theater, when I saw some steps going up to a new cafe. Of course I had to check and see if it was perhaps a cat cafe…and it was! 我在公館逛逛, 在一個巷子裡電影遠很近, 我看到一間新的咖啡館. 我當然希望是貓咖啡, 我進去就看到貓!


This cat was waiting by the door when I came in. He wasn’t very interested in visitors but he was content to be petted by anyone who came up to him.

我看到這隻貓在門口旁邊. 牠對客人沒有興趣, 但是牠會讓人摸牠.

Later, he moved over here to take a nap.


The cafe has a quiet, cozy atmosphere with decorations with cats on them as well as things for cats, like this record player scratching pad. 這間咖啡館的氣氛很好, 他們有貓主題裝飾還有貓用品, 像這個電唱機.

DSCN3434 DSCN3441


They also have a kitten! It was asleep at first, but later it came out to play, going from table to table to visit customers. 他們還有一隻小貓! 我剛來牠在睡覺, 然後牠醒來玩. 牠來每一個客人的桌子打招呼.

DSCN3444 DSCN3451

DSCN3454 DSCN3455

Their specialty is brunch, but they also have sandwiches, desserts and full dinner options (served after 4pm). I had the Bonjour brunch set, which comes with black tea (NT$230). 他們的招牌是早午餐, 但是他們還有三明治,甜點, 晚餐(16:00以後). 我點Bonjour早午餐套餐, 含紅茶 (NT$230).


DSCN3445 DSCN3446


Cat’s Claw 貓抓

29 Oct

DSCN3191 Cat’s Claw 貓抓

Address: 台中市北區大德街131號

Hours: 10:00-21:00, Closed Monday 週一公休

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100




This Taichung cat cafe has at least four beautiful cats, lots of cute decorations, and they specialize in brunch. This cat was outside on the patio at first. 這間太種貓咖啡有四隻很漂亮的貓, 很可愛的裝飾. 他們的特色是早午餐. 我夢昂來這隻貓在外面.


Later, someone brought along a dog so he moved inside. 一猴, 牠看到一隻狗就進去.


This cat was in my seat at the table we were directed to. He didn’t mind me sitting next to him. 只知貓左在我的位置. 牠讓我坐牠旁邊.

DSCN3197 DSCN3198

Cute cat themed decorations were all around. 有很多可愛的貓主題裝飾.

DSCN3207 DSCN3210

DSCN3203 DSCN3226

I went upstairs and saw this beautiful cat. I’ve never seen a cat with a coat like this before. 在樓上看到這隻很漂亮的貓. 是我第一次看到貓有這種顏色.

DSCN3199 DSCN3201

I went back downstairs to eat. I had a mushroom omelet set that came with milk tea. 我去樓下吃早午餐套餐.


The black cat left my seat and this little one came and took his place. 黑色貓區別的地方, 這小隻來.



Guest Post: Monta (Tokyo, Japan)

28 Oct

Cat cafes – overseas edition by Rebecca


Hours: 11:00-20:00

Website: http://nekocafe-monta.jp

TEL: 03-5830-7428


Asakusa district is the historic centre of Tokyo, home to ancient Buddhist temples, geishas, traditional arts and crafts – and a fantastic cat cafe!

As you come out of Tobu Asakusa station, you should see a sign on your right pointing down the street, saying ‘Cat cafe’. A short walk will bring you to the building shown in the above photo. There’s also a billboard outside, which only the most hardhearted cat lover could resist.




After bribing my companion (not a cat lover), we headed up to the 8th floor. The lift doors open onto a small lobby, with shelves for you to put your shoes, and slippers to change into. We were greeted at the door by the manager, who let us in (while holding back an enthusiastic cat which had also come to greet us) and gave us a menu detailing prices in both English and Japanese. You can pay just to spend time with the cats (which we did), or you can also order drinks and cakes. The menu also gives a few rules: visitors are welcome to bring their own toys for the cats to play with, but should only feed them with snacks provided by the cat cafe. We were advised that the cats do not like to be picked up by strangers, but are very friendly and will come over to people. The manager then showed us a place to store our bags, gave us a hot towel for our hands followed by some hand sanitizer, and let us loose on the place!


The cafe is bright, clean and comfortable, with a very relaxing atmosphere. High above the general hubbub of Tokyo, it is an ideal place to get away from it all.

Visitors can choose from sofas or low cushions on the floor, or simply crawl about on the rugs (this is what I did). We were also provided with a picture book which shows all the cats, and gives their name, breed, and date of birth.

4 5

All the cats are pure breeds, including a breed I had never heard of before: the Munchkin.


As you can see by looking at the dates of birth, this cat cafe can more accurately be called a kitten cafe. Every cat was born in 2014. And, being kittens, as soon as they realized they had visitors, they began to show off (translation: fight!).




But they calmed down after a while.


My boyfriend is not what you would call a cat lover, and had been hanging back during the Fight Club. Once the cats had settled down, he sat down as well, and was quickly and enthusiastically greeted by the Norwegian forest cat. He changed his seat fairly quickly, but to no avail. Cats have an uncanny ability to seek out the person who least wishes to be their friend.


But even he was powerless to resist the charms of the Russian Blue!


My personal favourite was this orange cat (breed? I missed their photo in the cat calendar), who was also the friendliest.


Cafe Monta is open every day from 11am to 8pm (last orders at 7.30pm). The manager spoke good English, and the menu is in both Japanese and English. A great place to spend a lazy afternoon!


Meows Corner Meeting 轉角遇到貓 (Macau)

15 Sep

DSCN2701  Meows Corner Meeting 轉角遇到貓

Address: Macau, #1 Calcada do Poco 澳門和隆街1號家昌大廈地下

Hours: 12:00-21:00





I went to Macau last week, so of course I had to find out if there were any cat cafes there. This is the only one, apparently, but it’s very nice. I spent a lot of time getting lost before I found it, and the first time I got there, it was closed for two days for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It was finally open on Thursday. 我上個禮拜去澳門, 我一定想找一個貓咖啡館. 澳門好像只有這間. 我米路很久才找到, 但是為了中秋節, 他們沒有開. 禮拜四才有開.

I went in to be greeted by beautiful cats that look a lot like mine. 我進去看到兩隻貓很像我的貓.

DSCN2665 DSCN2668

The menu isn’t very extensive, and I wasn’t very hungry but was extremely thirsty from wandering around all day so I ordered a lemon tea (MOP28). 菜單沒有很多選擇. 我其實不餓, 只有很渴因為一整天都在走路, 所以我點檸檬紅茶 (奧幣28).


They have books, wi-fi and cute cat decorations all around. 他們有書, 又無線網路, 還有很可愛的毛裝飾.

DSCN2698 DSCN2670

In all, there are 7-8 cats. There was one in a room upstairs where it was too dark to get a picture. All of them are very friendly. The brown one was particularly friendly with all of the other cats, going up and ‘hugging’ and licking them. 他們有7-8隻貓. 樓上還有一隻但是太暗, 拍不到. 一隻咖啡色的很喜歡跟所有的貓關係很好.

DSCN2671 DSCN2685

DSCN2692 DSCN2696

DSCN2697 DSCN2674



Nekokoji Cafe 貓小路

21 Jul

DSCN2115  Nekokoji Cafe 貓小路

Address: 基隆市孝二路83號3樓

Hours: Call to confirm 打電話問: 2428-9908

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100





I was lucky enough to notice this out the bus window, and it’s conveniently located just a few hundred meters from the bus/train station.  There are adorable cat decorations as soon as you walk in the door and start going up the steps to the third floor.

我在公車上很幸運看到這家. 很方便, 裡巴士站/火車站很近. 進去開始上樓梯已經有很多可愛的貓裝飾.

DSCN2118 DSCN2117

DSCN2119 DSCN2120

They don’t have cats here all the time; when I asked, they told me one would be coming later in the afternoon. Still, I don’t think there’s any doubt this counts as a cat cafe. 他們只是有時候有貓. 我問他們, 他們說今天下午晚一點會來, 但是不一定. 但是有這麼多可愛的貓主題東西, 一定算貓咖啡館.

DSCN2121 DSCN2122

DSCN2124 DSCN2125

DSCN2126 DSCN2127

The menu has a typical selection of light meals, desserts, waffles, coffee and tea. I ordered a 紅醬培根帕尼尼 (red sauce bacon panini) and Americano. The ‘red sauce’ turned out to be salsa, with a really good spice. And the presentation of the coffee was very cute. 他們的菜單有間餐, 鬆餅, 咖啡, 咖啡, 茶. 我點 紅醬培根帕尼尼, 我覺得很好吃. ‘紅醬’是像墨西哥莎莎醬, 有點辣. 咖啡也很可愛.

DSCN2135 DSCN2132

DSCN2133 DSCN2134

I asked when exactly the cat would be there and if I could come back just to take pictures of it. They said it would be there around four so I came back then, and they had an adorable kitten! Its name is Neko and it’s just two months old. 我問什麼是猴貓會來, 她們說大概四點. 所以我四點回來, 她們有一隻超可愛的小貓! 牠叫Neko!

DSCN2186 DSCN2187

DSCN2180 DSCN2181