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Linguang Cat Cafe 讀貓園中途咖啡

22 Jan

CIMG2644 讀貓園中途咖啡

Address: 臺北市和平東路三段370號二樓

Hours: 11:00-21:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$80

Located just before Linguang MRT station, this is a combination pet supplies store, cat cafe and cat hotel. The first time I walked past it, I thought it was just a pet supplies store as the narrow staircase going up to the second floor cafe can be easy to miss. The cafe has 4-5 friendly cats, which the helpful staff were eager to introduce. 在麟光捷運站對面, 這間有寵物用品店, 貓咖啡, 還有貓旅館. 第一次我只看到寵物用品店, 要去樓上看到貓咖啡館. 咖啡館有4-5隻克愛的貓咪. 友善的店員很開心介紹牠們.


They also have a separate, glass room with kittens to adopt. Just ask the staff to let you in and you can play with the kittens. 他們還有小貓給人家領養. 如果妳想領養或是跟小貓玩, 店員會讓妳進去小貓房.


I ordered a waffle set with Americano coffee. The presentation of the waffle is very cute, but it actually didn’t taste that good, and the coffee wasn’t great either. But still, it’s a nice place to sit and work, and they’re helping stray kittens find homes. I’ll definitely go back there.

我點一個很可愛的鬆餅套餐. 其實不是很好吃,咖啡也不太好喝. 可是氣氛很好, 很舒服的地方帶電腦工作. 還有牠們在幫流浪小貓咪, 所以我一定要回來.