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Mono Cafe

15 May

DSCN1258 Mono Cafe

Address: 臺北市大安區復興南路二段349號

Hours: 13:00-22:30, closed Mondays 公休周一

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100





This is a popular cafe near Da-an Sports Centre. It was hard to find a seat at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon, but there was one at the bar. It’s bright with high ceilings and lots of windows. Most of the customers seemed to be groups of university students. I really think the author had trouble trying to fill a second book, because I wouldn’t consider this a cat cafe either. It has one cat, but not much else cat-themed.

這間咖啡館離大安運動中心很近. 禮拜三下午有很多人, 只有吧檯有空位置. 裡面很亮, 有很多窗戶, 很高的天花板. 大部分的客人好像是大學生. 我覺得作家寫第二書覺得很難找夠貓咖啡館. 因為這邊也不太算貓咖啡館. 只有一隻貓, 沒有很多其他貓主題的東西.


The cat is very cute though. He was asleep on someone’s laptop bag when I came in. 貓還是很可愛. 我來的時候他在睡覺在客人的包包.

DSCN1269 DSCN1273

Later he moved to a seat where he could look out the window.

DSCN1278 DSCN1280

DSCN1281 DSCN1282

They have the usual coffee and tea selections as well as reasonably priced set meals and desserts. I had an Americano and cheesecake for NT$135. 他們有咖啡, 茶, 冰沙還有很多套餐, 甜點. 我喝美式咖啡吃起司蛋糕, NT$130.