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Toast Chat

29 May

DSCN1527 Toast Chat

Address: 台北市大安區光復路290巷58號

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 週日-週四 11:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday 週五,六: 11:00-2:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$200







This cafe from the book used to have two cats and now it has three, and they’re all friendly. It has a comfortable atmosphere, with soft but not sleepy music playing, which makes it a good place to read or work. 貓日和咖啡館2說這家有兩隻貓, 但是現在有三隻, 都很可愛. 這家咖啡館的氣氛很好, 很適合工作,看書, 聊天.

DSCN1529 DSCN1562

DSCN1534 DSCN1542

In the book, there are pictures of 黑比 when she was a tiny kitten. Here’s a picture of a page from the book, followed by pictures of what she looks like now. 書有”黑比”小時候的照片. 她現在長大.


Credit: 貓日和咖啡館2

DSCN1577 DSCN1544

DSCN1560With an NT$200 minimum per person, this cafe is a bit on the expensive side, but the food is delicious. French toast is one of their specialties and they also have many other brunch and dessert options. They also have a wide selection of beer. I had banana caramel French toast (NT$160) with an Americano. (NT$120). 每人最低消費NT$200我覺得有點貴, 但是真的非常好吃. 他們的招牌是法式土司, 還有很多甜點中午餐還有很多種啤酒. 我吃香蕉焦糖法式土司(NT$160), 喝美式咖啡(NT$120).

DSCN1552Here are the other cats:

DSCN1555 DSCN1564

DSCN1563 DSCN1581