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My cat cafes book release: Available 9/1/16!

24 Aug

I’ve written a book about cat cafes based on my blog and it will be available September 1! http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010726529?loc=P_002_023

我9/1要出書, ‘這裡有貓,歡迎光臨:老外帶路,探訪62間貓店長私藏地圖http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010726529?loc=P_002_023

The book is bilingual and includes all the cat cafes on this blog that are still currently in business. At my favorite cafes, I’ve done interviews and included more detailed information about some of the cats. The cafes all have star ratings and are divided up by type so readers can easily find the cafe they want to go to.

書是雙語的, 含所有還在營業的貓咖啡. 在我最喜歡的貓咖啡, 我有採訪老闆, 還有寫比較多貓店長的資料. 我給每一件評論1-5星, 還有份很多種貓咖啡所以人可以找到最喜歡的.


Top Ten Taiwan Cat Cafes 台灣最佳十間貓咖啡

6 Mar

I have now been to nearly every cat cafe in Taiwan, about 80 in all. Out of all of these, here are my top 10 favorites. In my opinion, the best cat cafes have happy, healthy cats (whether it’s one cat or ten), are clean, have a good atmosphere, creative design and reasonably good drinks and food.

我已經去過大部分的台灣貓咖啡, 大概八十間. 我覺得這十間是最佳的. 我想最棒的貓咖啡有開心健康的貓 (不管有幾隻), 是乾淨的, 有好的氣氛, 創作的設計, 還有好吃好喝的東西.

  1. 小貓花園 (Cafe Cats and Dog) This is the original cat cafe, opened in 1998. They have about 12 cats and now 3 dogs, friendly staff and an extensive menu. 這是台灣最老的貓咖啡, 1998開業. 他們有十幾隻貓三隻狗, 友善的店員, 菜單有很多選擇.



  2. Cat Lair 六號貓洞 (Taichung 台中) I love this cafe even though I’ve only been there twice since it’s in Taichung. There are 5-10 cats there at a time, all happy and more or less friendly. With the tree branches around the doorway, it feels like a secret hideaway in a forest even though it’s in the middle of the city. The cats are so friendly and happy, and the owner is nice to talk to and very obviously enjoys her job. It’s a great place to relax; one could easily spend a few hours here and hardly notice the passing time.  我很喜歡這間; 我只去過兩次因為在台中. 有5-10貓, 都看起來很開心. 我很喜歡這間環境, 我覺得名字很適合. 門口有很大的樹枝, 感覺像森林裡的小洞. 貓都很開心很放鬆. 還有老闆很熱情還有很明顯愛她的工作. 是一個好地方放鬆, 可以坐這裡好幾個小時.

  3. Mask Cat 貓裝 I’ve been to this cafe more times than any others. They have three very friendly cats who will sit on people’s laps, cute decorations, and a quiet atmosphere for working. 我最常去這間咖啡. 他們有三隻很可愛的貓,會坐在人身上, 可愛的裝飾, 還有安靜的環境所以可以工作.
  4. Collection for Friends 私藏不藏私 This cafe only has one cat, Money, but the cat is so cute and the atmosphere, decorations and food are so good, it still makes the list as one of the best. 這間只有一隻貓, Money, 但是牠很可愛, 還有環境, 裝飾, 食物都非常好所以我覺得是很好的貓咖啡.
  5. Genki Cats 元氣貓主題餐廳 This cafe is home to about 20 beautiful Maine Coon cats. Since so many stray cats need homes, I usually prefer cafes with mixed breeds but these cats are so friendly and happy, I’ll make an exception with this one. They’ve moved since I first wrote about them. I updated the address in the original post. They also now serve full, Japanese style meals in the same room as the cats rather than shaved ice in a separate room. 者間有大概20隻很漂亮的緬因貓. 因為很多流浪貓需要一個好家, 我平常喜歡有領養流浪貓的咖啡館. 但是這些貓非常開心非常親人所以我還是很喜歡這間. 他們有搬家. 我已經改好地址在原本的post. 他們現在有日式料理, 可以吃在貓區.
  6. Cafe Fima 菲瑪咖啡 This cafe also just has one cat, but she’s really the star of the cafe and even has her own business card. It also has a great atmosphere and high quality coffee. 這間只有一隻貓, 但是她是店裡的明星. 她有自己的名片. 氣氛很好還有咖啡特別好喝.
  7. Spring Day Pet Cafe 春日寵物咖啡 This pet cafe has 4-6 cats and about four dogs. They have one of the most amazing cats I’ve ever seen–she can do tricks on command! 這間有4-6隻貓,四隻狗. 他們有一隻很奇妙的貓, 她會做特技跟狗一樣!
  8.  Cafe 218 小猴子咖啡 This cafe has two fluffy Persian cats that the owner adopted. It’s a small place near Taipei 101. The cats are adorable to watch, the owner is very friendly and the coffee is delicious. 這間有兩隻伯斯貓, 老闆領養的. 是一個小間在101附近. 老闆很友善, 貓很可愛, 咖啡很好喝.
  9. 品客 (Classic) This Shida cafe has three friendly cats and occasionally a Corgi. It has a convenient location, good food and nice atmosphere. 這間師大咖啡有三隻可愛的貓還有偶爾一隻柯基犬. 環境很方便, 食物好吃, 氣氛很好.
  10. Minou Minou This Gongguan cafe has two adorable cats and very cute decorations. 弟寶,who was a kitten when I first saw him, is the friendliest, but the other cat looks sleepy and content. They have a great brunch menu. 這間公館咖啡有兩隻很可愛的貓還有很可愛的裝飾. 弟寶, 最年輕的貓比較會靠近人, 但是裡外隻野看起來很開心在睡覺. 菜單有很多好吃的早午餐.

Old 98: A Cat Bar

24 Sep

DSCN2964 Old 98

Address: 臺北市大安區金山南路二段134號

Hours: 20:00-5:00

Minimum cost per person每人最低消費:NT$140

This is a late night lounge bar near Guting MRT, and it has an adorable cat named Moet.  With people drinking and throwing darts, a cat might not be very likely to come out, but this one seems to enjoy the atmosphere. He walked around visiting all the customers and was fascinated with the darts game. He also likes climbing on cases of beer.  這間酒吧離古亭很近有一隻貓叫Moet. 很多貓不會喜歡很多人喝酒, 玩射鏢遊戲, 但是一隻好像習慣這個環境. 牠覺得射鏢遊戲很有趣. 牠也喜歡爬在啤酒箱.

DSCN2949And he doesn’t mind being picked up 人也可以抱牠:


They have a good selection of beers and cocktails. From what I remember, the whiskey sours were good. It was hard to get a clear picture of the cat because of the dim lighting, but at 4am after a few drinks everything looks a little fuzzy anyway. 他們有很多種啤酒,調酒. 我們喝酸威士忌. 因為酒吧很暗, 有點難拍照. 但是很晚喝幾杯酒, 什麼都看起來有點模糊.


Cat.jpg 貓圖咖啡

28 May

DSCN1474  Cat.jpg 貓圖咖啡

Address: 台北市和平東路一段184-1號

Hours: 7:00-22:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$50



This is another cat cafe that isn’t in the book, that I also found thanks to this blog. When I saw it listed there, I could hardly believe where it was! It’s on 和平東路, very close to where I used to live. It opened in 2012 and I must have walked past it hundreds of times. Actually, I do remember noticing 貓 in the name, glancing in and thinking it was too small to be a cat cafe. It’s definitely the smallest cat cafe I’ve been to, with only a narrow bar to sit at. 這家貓咖啡也不時在書裡. 我找到在這個 部落格. 我看到地址, 我很驚訝因為離我以前住的地方很近. 這家2012開業, 所一我應該有走過去很多次. 其實我記得, 我看過牌子有”貓”但是我以為太小, 只可以外帶, 不可能是貓咖啡館. 真的是我看過的最小間貓咖啡, 只有一個小吧檯可以坐.

DSCN1510It was crowded with students and annoying Japanese pop music was playing. But they have two adorable kittens! It was hard to get good pictures of them because they were so playful and wouldn’t stop moving. 裡面有很多學生, 還有我覺得很煩的日本流行音樂. 但是他們有兩個超可愛的小貓! 很難拍牠們因為很活潑, 一直動!

DSCN1482 DSCN1490

DSCN1489 DSCN1504

The bigger kitten looks about 4-5 months old, but I’d guess the little one isn’t more than 2 months. She’s so tiny! I tried to take a picture of her next to someone’s flipflop as a comparison, but she and the person wearing it kept moving. I took this blurry picture while holding her.

比較大的小貓應該有4-5約, 旦是小的好像沒有兩個月. 很小, 很可愛! 我要拍她跟人的拖鞋, 但是貓跟人一直動, 所以沒辦法. 我抱她拍這件照片.

DSCN1511DSCN1517Another advantage of this cafe is that it’s very cheap, with prices starting at NT$50. I had a green tea Oreo slushie for NT$75. 這家咖啡很便宜, 最便宜只要NT$50. 我喝抹茶OREO冰沙, NT$75.

DSCN1484 DSCN1525

DSCN1497And they also have some cute cat decorations and sell pet products. It has everything a cat cafe should have in a quarter of the space for half the price. I’d also only want to spend about a quarter of the time I’d usually spend in one. But it’s nice for students and people who want to check out a cat cafe quickly. Maybe it’s called Cat.jpg because it’s like a tiny picture of a normal cat cafe. 他們還有很可愛的貓裝飾, 還有賣寵物用品. 這麼小店有這麼多東西很棒. 我不要留很久, 但是對學生或是只想看到貓咖啡的人, 我覺得很好.

DSCN1485 DSCN1483



Chamber 秘氐咖啡

27 Apr

DSCN1134 Chamber 秘氐咖啡

Address: 台北市大安區浦城街四巷31號

Hours: 13:00-22:00, closed Mondays 週一公休

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$120





This was in the second cat cafe book, but it isn’t really a cat cafe anymore. According to the book, they had one cat. When I asked about it, the owner said that they don’t bring it to the cafe anymore because it’s afraid of people. There also isn’t anything cat-themed about the cafe. It’s in an old building and filled with beautiful antiques.

我看這間在”貓和咖啡第2″, 但是現在不時貓咖啡. 書說他們有一隻貓. 但是我問老闆, 他說他現在不會帶貓, 因為貓很怕人. 咖啡館也沒有貓主題的東西. 在意個漂亮古老的房子, 裡面有很多很特別的古董.



Their specialty is gourmet coffee, with the cheapest cup at NT$180 and the most expensive at NT$350. That’s for a rather small cup; a pot, which is about the size of a typical large coffee is about NT$100 more. But while the price does seem excessive, they do make sure it’s the highest quality coffee. They explain where the beans came from and what kind of flavor they’re supposed to have. For each cup or pot, the beans are freshly ground and brewed. I had a “Bliss of Gaya” from Sumatra (NT$180) and also a tiramisu (NT$150). For a cheaper option, they do have tea at NT$120, but that seems like kind of a waste to me since the main point of this place is the coffee.

這間的特色是高級的咖啡, 最便宜一杯NT$180, 最貴一杯NT$350. 一杯有點小; 一壺(就像大杯)要加大概NT$100. 真的有點貴, 旦是咖啡真的很好. 老闆會介紹咖啡豆從哪裡來, 有什麼特別的口味. 每一杯, 他們會用新鮮的咖啡豆. 我喝一杯印尼的咖啡 (NT$180)還有吃提拉米蘇 (NT$150). 他們還有茶, 比較便宜 (NT$120) 但是我覺得應該要喝他們的招牌.


They also have a small, old-fashioned hair salon in one section. I thought the barber’s chair and accessories were just for decoration, but they said someone still cuts hair there! I didn’t ask when or how much it is.

還有一個小,很古老的理髮院. 我以為只是裝飾, 但是他們說真的有人來剪頭髮!


While this definitely isn’t a cat cafe, it might be worth visiting if you appreciate high quality coffee and antiques.

這其實不是貓咖啡, 旦是喜歡高級咖啡,古老的東西的人應該會很喜歡.