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My cat cafes book release: Available 9/1/16!

24 Aug

I’ve written a book about cat cafes based on my blog and it will be available September 1! http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010726529?loc=P_002_023

我9/1要出書, ‘這裡有貓,歡迎光臨:老外帶路,探訪62間貓店長私藏地圖http://www.books.com.tw/products/0010726529?loc=P_002_023

The book is bilingual and includes all the cat cafes on this blog that are still currently in business. At my favorite cafes, I’ve done interviews and included more detailed information about some of the cats. The cafes all have star ratings and are divided up by type so readers can easily find the cafe they want to go to.

書是雙語的, 含所有還在營業的貓咖啡. 在我最喜歡的貓咖啡, 我有採訪老闆, 還有寫比較多貓店長的資料. 我給每一件評論1-5星, 還有份很多種貓咖啡所以人可以找到最喜歡的.


12 Jul


Address: 台南市中西區赤崁街17號

Hours: 10:00-18:00, closed Wednesdays, 公休週三

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100

This Tainan cafe was in the second cat cafe book. It has two cats but isn’t exactly cat-themed. On the first floor, they sell jewelry (not cat-related). Customers order and pay there and then go eat on the second floor. The cats were on the first floor. They were friendly and happy to be petted. 我看到這間太南咖啡館在”貓日和咖啡2″. 他們有兩隻貓, 但是裝飾沒有貓主題. 一樓賣珠寶(不是關於貓的). 在一樓, 人點餐, 坐在二樓. 貓在一樓. 他們很可愛, 喜歡人摸他們.

DSCN4879 DSCN4884

This cafe’s specialty is brunch and they have several delicious choices for NT$230-250. All the meals were presented on cutting boards. The potato wedges were especially good. 他們的招牌是早午餐 (NT$230-250), 都非常好吃, 我很喜歡他們的馬鈴薯.

DSCN4893 DSCN4894

The cafe is right across from Fort Provintia and there’s a good view of it from the window. 咖啡館對面是赤崁樓.


When we left, one of the cats had gone outside to enjoy the sunshine. 我離開的時候, 看到一隻貓去外面.


I would recommend this cafe for its atmosphere and great food. 我很推薦這間因為早午餐特別好吃.

Guest Post: Fat Cat Deli

3 Dec

FC Deli 1 Fat Cat Deli

Address: 台南市中西區信義街114號

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 週天-週四11:00-19:30, Friday-Saturday 週五-週六11:00-20:30, closed Wednesdays 週三公休






Guest post by Rebecca

Susan has already written about ‘Fat Cat Story’, but Tainan has another fat cat cafe – Fat Cat Deli!

The cafe is located on Xin Yi Street, a quiet street full of old buildings, many of which have been converted into shops and restaurants. Fat Cat Deli is at the far end of the street near a small temple.

FC Deli 2As you walk past, you may feel there are eyes upon you.

FC Deli 3

This cat occupies a place of pride on the owner’s record player, and is quite happy to be stroked while you order your coffee.

FC Deli 4

The cafe occupies three main areas: the first is the bar, where you order.

FC Deli 5

The owners are big music fans and have integrated a lot of their interests in the cafe decor. The bar faces a ‘listening wall’ where you can sample a huge range of CDs.

FC Deli 6An arched doorway leads to the second area, which is the seating area. We chose this cozy corner that looks out onto the street.

FC Deli 7

The detailed menu offers many different kinds of coffee, as well as sandwiches, biscuits and cakes. Note the Wifi password!

FC Deli 8

The third area leads off from the bar up an extremely narrow staircase. Here, you will find a sunlit room with two more cats.

FC Deli 9

I couldn’t get a good picture of the room, but it has comfortable seating for about 5 people, as well a deck, a back balcony and a large window. It’s well worth going up to take a look, not only to see the other cats, but also to get an idea of traditional Tainan housing.

FC Deli 10

These two cats were also very friendly and happy to be stroked.

The owners have placed a few signs around the cafe, gently encouraging you to order more drinks if you feel like it.

FC Deli 11Overall, a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

FC Deli 12


Fat Cat’s Story 肥貓故事館

2 Mar

DSCN0293 Fat Cat’s Story肥貓故事館

Address: 台南市北區北門路二段297號

Hours: 11:00-21:00, Closed Tuesdays 週二公休

Minimum Cost Per Person 每人最低消費: NT80



I went to this cat cafe in Tainan before going to the Yanshui Fireworks Festival. It only has two cats, but it’s very cute and definitely worth going to. It has photographs taken by the owner and other cat related exhibits by artists and design students.

我去台南去鹽水蜂炮的時候去這咖啡館. 只有兩隻貓, 但是店非常可愛, 不要錯過的地方. 有老闆的攝影, 還有其他設計學生, 藝術家做的關於貓的東西.



One of the cats is very friendly and sits in customers’ laps. The other one is shy and spends most of its time hiding in the kitchen.

一隻貓很喜歡坐在客人身上. 第二個比較害羞, 多再廚房.


The menu was simple, basic coffee drinks and also fresh-baked desserts. I just had an Americano, which was good.

菜單很簡單, 咖啡和手工甜點. 我喝美式咖啡.