Neko no Niwa (Singapore新加坡)

2 Aug

DSCN5066Neko no Niwa

Address 地址: 54A Boat Quay (Level 2) Singapore

Hours: Monday, Wednesday-Friday 週一, 三-五11:00-22:00, Saturday-Sunday 週六-天10:00-22:00, Closed Tuesdays 週二公休

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: SGD$12

This cat cafe was Singapore’s first, opened about a year and a half ago. All of the cats were rescue cats, and the owners selected them carefully and took several months making sure the cats were adapted to living together in this environment. Coincidentally, this cafe’s name means Cat Garden, the same as the first cat cafe in Taiwan (貓花園). Entrance costs SGD$12 per hour and $5 for every half hour after that; ordering drinks or desserts is optional. All of the cats are beautiful and friendly. They have an introduction to the cats there and also on their website: 這間貓咖啡館是新加坡第一個, 大概1.5年前開業. 貓都以前是流浪貓, 老闆都特別選牠們. 開業好幾個月前先決定貓習慣這個環境. 碰巧的是Neko no Niwa的意思也是貓花園, 像台灣第一個貓咖啡. 門票是SGD$12/小時, 每半小時以後加SGD$5. 貓多很漂亮, 很可愛. 咖啡的網站介紹所有的貓的故事:


My favorite cat was the cuddly, playful Brown Monkey 我最喜歡的是Brown Monkey:

DSCN5072 DSCN5090I also really liked Baloo, named after the bear from the Jungle Book, who may be the biggest cat I have ever seen. He really looks like a bear! 我也很喜歡Baloo (一個故事裡的雄的名字). 他可能是我看過的最大的貓. 真的看起來很像熊!


And this little white one, Emma, the smallest is adorable too–all of them are! 這隻很小, 很優雅的白色貓也很可愛! 牠們都超可愛!


I had a black coffee since I was planning to stay up all night at the airport; their specialty is hot chocolate and I’d like to try that if I go back.  It was nice to talk with the owners and see how much they care about cats. They started the cafe in memory of their cat who died of cancer, and they want to use the cafe to promote adoption and to educate people about cat care. If you visit Singapore, I’d recommend visiting this cafe!因為我要在機場熬夜, 我喝黑咖啡. 他們的招牌是熱巧克力. 我覺得很有趣跟老闆(一對夫妻)聊天, 看他們怎麼關心貓. 他們想開貓咖啡紀念他們去世的貓. 他們希望更多人會領養貓, 幫助流浪貓. 他們也想教人怎麼照顧好貓. 如果你去新加坡, 我很推薦這間.

DSCN5075 DSCN5073

DSCN5078 DSCN5094

DSCN5085 DSCN5079


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