Guest Post: Fat Cat Deli

3 Dec

FC Deli 1 Fat Cat Deli

Address: 台南市中西區信義街114號

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 週天-週四11:00-19:30, Friday-Saturday 週五-週六11:00-20:30, closed Wednesdays 週三公休






Guest post by Rebecca

Susan has already written about ‘Fat Cat Story’, but Tainan has another fat cat cafe – Fat Cat Deli!

The cafe is located on Xin Yi Street, a quiet street full of old buildings, many of which have been converted into shops and restaurants. Fat Cat Deli is at the far end of the street near a small temple.

FC Deli 2As you walk past, you may feel there are eyes upon you.

FC Deli 3

This cat occupies a place of pride on the owner’s record player, and is quite happy to be stroked while you order your coffee.

FC Deli 4

The cafe occupies three main areas: the first is the bar, where you order.

FC Deli 5

The owners are big music fans and have integrated a lot of their interests in the cafe decor. The bar faces a ‘listening wall’ where you can sample a huge range of CDs.

FC Deli 6An arched doorway leads to the second area, which is the seating area. We chose this cozy corner that looks out onto the street.

FC Deli 7

The detailed menu offers many different kinds of coffee, as well as sandwiches, biscuits and cakes. Note the Wifi password!

FC Deli 8

The third area leads off from the bar up an extremely narrow staircase. Here, you will find a sunlit room with two more cats.

FC Deli 9

I couldn’t get a good picture of the room, but it has comfortable seating for about 5 people, as well a deck, a back balcony and a large window. It’s well worth going up to take a look, not only to see the other cats, but also to get an idea of traditional Tainan housing.

FC Deli 10

These two cats were also very friendly and happy to be stroked.

The owners have placed a few signs around the cafe, gently encouraging you to order more drinks if you feel like it.

FC Deli 11Overall, a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

FC Deli 12



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