Yu Kitchen 喵喵廚房

1 Nov

DSCN3252  Yu Kitchen 喵喵廚房

Address: 台中市西屯區大墩18街130號

Hours: 11:00-21:00

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$80







This quaint cafe is decorated in the style of an old-fashioned country kitchen. They have lots of cute decorations, but the cats are kept in a separate area away from the tables. 這間可愛的咖啡館很有氣氛. 有很多可愛的裝飾, 但是貓在裡外一個房間.

DSCN3264  DSCN3265


The three cats are kept in this room. Make sure to lock the door after you go in with them; they know how to open it themselves! 這是貓的房間. 你進去要小心鎖門, 因為貓會自己開!

DSCN3255 DSCN3259


DSCN3262They have a variety of brunch, dessert and light meal options, coffee and tea, and juice drinks. I had a raspberry yogurt drink (NT$90), which was very good. 他們有很多早午餐, 點心,簡餐, 咖啡, 茶, 還有果汁. 我喝木莓酸奶(NT$90), 很好喝.

DSCN3263This cafe also has wi-fi and plenty of plugs for computers or chargers. 這間也有wi-fi還有很多插座, 很方便用電腦.


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