Cat Foot Massage Place 貓足部養生館

13 Oct

DSCN3112 佳農足部健康養生館 Foot massage place with cat

Address: 新北市新店區復興路48號 (around the corner from Tzu Chi Buddhist Hospital)

Minimum cost per person麼人最低消費: 40 minute foot massage NT$600, 40分鐘腳底按摩NT$600


This isn’t really a cat-themed place, but I’m including it because it does have two friendly, adorable cats. The cats are the reason I went back a second time. 這間養生館不是真的貓主題點, 但是他們有兩隻很可愛的貓. 是因為貓我才來第二次.



DSCN3113  DSCN3115

At NT$600 for a 40 minute foot massage, it’s a bit expensive compared to other places; I thought around NT$400 is the usual rate for similar places. The massage was pretty good, though and it’s in my neighborhood. And of course, the cats add value to the experience.

40分鐘按摩要付NT$600, 我覺得有點貴. 好像這種按摩館平常只要$400. 但是這間裡我家很近, 按摩還不錯. 還有, 有貓是更好.

DSCN3120 DSCN3125



One Response to “Cat Foot Massage Place 貓足部養生館”

  1. Rebecca October 29, 2014 at 4:11 am #

    If they could just get the cats to give the foot massage…..

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