Gongguan Used Bookstore with Cat 公館舊書城

15 May

DSCN1233 公館舊書城

Address: 臺北市中正區 汀洲路三段223號 (Near Gongguan MRT)






This isn’t a cat cafe, but the cat is so cute and has such a prominent place in the store, I had to include it. I first saw it when I lived at Gongguan in 2008 and the same cat is still there, usually sitting in his favorite place on the counter. They got a kitten a couple of years ago and it’s still there sometimes, but it isn’t as friendly and I didn’t see it this time. It has a picture in the window too, though. 這不是貓咖啡, 但是這間二手書店的貓這麼可愛我想分享. 我2008住在公館的時候第一次看到這隻貓. 他還在, 平常在他最喜歡的位置在櫃檯書上面. 他們現在還有一隻小的, 但是他比較怕人. 這一次我沒看到, 但是他還有照片在窗戶.




The owner puts cardboard on the cat’s stack of books for him to scratch on. 老闆給貓咪硬紙板讓他抓.




One Response to “Gongguan Used Bookstore with Cat 公館舊書城”

  1. Rebecca June 5, 2014 at 6:28 am #

    I love the photo of the cat yawning!

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