La Boheme 波希米亞人咖啡

2 Mar

DSCN0200 La Boheme 波希米亞人咖啡

Address: 台北市大同區長安西路76號B1 (Near Zhongshan MRT)

Hours: 12:00-22:00 (Closed Mondays 週一公休)

Minimum Cost Per Person每人最低消費: NT100

I went to this cafe a few weeks ago, right after the Chinese New Year holidays. (It’s just about 100 meters from Mask Cat, and I’d definitely recommend Mask Cat over this!) It was a rainy, depressing day, and this cafe is in a basement, so it’s already a bit dark. It does have some cute decorations, but the overall design and lighting is not impressive.

我幾個禮拜前. 過年之後去這間咖啡館 (理貓妝很近, 我比較推薦貓妝!). 那天下雨, 咖啡在地下樓, 所以已經有點暗. 有一些可愛的裝飾, 但是沒有什麼特別設計, 還是太暗.


They have two orange cats, Orange and Grapefruit. I love orange cats and they looked cute, but they weren’t very friendly.

他們有兩隻橘色貓, 柚子和橘子. 我愛橘色貓, 牠們很可愛, 但是牠們好像怕人.

DSCN0216The customers were some elderly people who were talking loudly, and coffee shop worker/owner(?)’s family who were also kind of loud and eating some food that they didn’t buy there that didn’t smell very good. I’d brought my computer, but didn’t get much work done. I order an afternoon tea set (NT170), tiramisu and Viennese coffee. That was pretty good. Still, I much prefer Mask Cat.

客人都是老人, 講話有點大聲. 海有店員家人也是有点吵, 吃臭的東西他們從別的餐廳外帶. 我有帶電腦, 但是我覺得這種環境不適合工作.我點下午茶 (NT170) 提拉米蘇, 維也納咖啡, 還不錯. 但是我還是比較喜歡貓妝.

DSCN0218 DSCN0219


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