Spring Day Pet Cafe 小春日和

2 Oct

CIMG1424 Spring Day Pet Cafe 小春日和

Address: 台北市延壽街361號

Hours: 11:00-21:00

This “pet cafe” with both cats and dogs is near Cafe Ballet in Minsheng Neighborhood. I found out about it on this blog. It has a huge list of cat cafes all over Taiwan, many more than are in the book.

這間寵物咖啡館有貓和狗, 在民生社區,裡芭蕾咖啡館很近. 我在這個部落格找到. 這個部落格有寫很多貓咖啡館, 在全台灣, 很有趣.

People can also bring their own pets to the cafe, so the first pet I saw was this dog:

客人可以帶寵物, 所以我進去咖啡, 第一個寵物是牠: CIMG1430

This little dog belongs to the cafe: CIMG1448

And this one seemed to be another customer’s dog, but he was so cute and friendly I took quite a few pictures of him. 這個好像時一個客人的狗, 但是他很可愛, 所以我拍了好幾張.

CIMG1426The two cats got along very well with the dogs. 貓跟狗合住很好.


Here’s their beautiful, long-haired cat, Fairy: 這隻是他們超漂亮的Fairy:


And the other adorable kitty: 還有這隻可愛的貓咪:CIMG1453

I ordered a chocolate banana frappuccino, which was very good: 我點一個好喝的巧克力香蕉冰沙.


The cafe was clean and also had cute pet-related decor. 咖啡很乾淨, 還有很多可愛的裝潢.

CIMG1449 CIMG1450


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