Mr Poison 波伊森先生 (2015 Update: Now closed 停業)

22 Aug


Unfortunately, this cute cafe has now closed. It has been replaced by another cafe called Jelly Bean, which has no cats, and at least when I looked in, no customers. 這間已經停業, 好可惜! 現在是一個新的沒有貓的咖啡館叫Jelly Bean.

Mr Poison 波伊森先生 Address: 台北市羅斯福路四段78巷1弄5號 (Near Gongguan Exit 1) Hours: 11:00-23:00 Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$80       I was excited to find another cat cafe that isn’t in the book! As I was walking down an alley in Gongguan, I saw this guy in the window: 我很開心找到一個貓咖啡館, 沒有在書裡. 我在公館逛一逛, 然後, 在窗戶看到這個: CIMG1206So of course I went in! I asked if I could sit at the table with the cat, but the waitress said it was brighter inside and that she could bring him to my table. The cat was very friendly and seemed happy enough to be carried around. There were also two other cats inside. 所以我當然進去! 我問客不可以坐在貓的桌子. 店員說裡面比較亮, 所一她幫我帶貓到我的桌子. 貓好像很喜歡人抱牠. 店裡還有其他兩隻貓. CIMG1204 The black one was also friendly, but the grey one was more shy. 黑色也不怕人, 旦灰色比較害羞. CIMG1193 The menu has a wide variety of drinks, snacks and light meals, most for under NT$200. I had a mango ice cream soda (NT$120). 他們有很多飲料, 點心, 簡餐, 大部分NT$200一下. 我喝一個芒果冰淇淋蘇打 (NT$120). CIMG1201CIMG1189 .


One Response to “Mr Poison 波伊森先生 (2015 Update: Now closed 停業)”

  1. Rebecca May 12, 2014 at 8:40 am #

    Thanks for taking me here! I like all the little decorations they have around the place. The black cat is beautiful.

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