Cat Rain 貓雨咖啡

15 Aug

CIMG1063  Cat Rain 貓雨咖啡

Address: 新北市淡水區公明街61號 (Near Danshui MRT)

Hours: M-F 12:00-somewhere between 20-22:00 (時間比較彈性) Sat. 9:00-~, Sun. 10:00-~

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消: NT$100

This was one of the best yet because it had so many friendly cats and also three dogs and it was still clean! They sell entrance tickets for NT$100, but that amount will be applied to your meal. In front of the store, they have a stand selling fried chicken, French fries and other fried things, and people can just get that to go without buying a ticket. A dog came out front to greet us and seemed to be leading us inside after we bought the tickets.

這是一個很讚的貓咖啡館因為有很多可愛的貓還有三隻狗, 還是很乾淨! 人需要先買NT$100的門票, 但是買單的時候他們會扣掉. 在店前面, 他們在賣炸雞, 薯條, 這類的. 外帶沒進去不用買票. 我們買票的時候, 一隻可愛的狗來歡迎我們進去.

CIMG1122They had two black dogs and one yellow dog, all friendly and energetic. They moved too quickly for me to get good pictures of them.

他們有兩隻黑色狗, 一隻黃色的, 都很可愛, 但是牠們動的很快, 所以很難拍到牠們.

The cats were all over the place 貓很多:

CIMG1068CIMG1085CIMG1093CIMG1102CIMG1117CIMG1134The menu has many set meals to choose from, most for NT$290. My friend and I both had the fried chicken, French fries, fruit and drink set. 牠們的菜單有很多套餐, 大部分NT$290. 我跟我朋友都選擇炸雞, 薯條, 水果, 飲料的套餐.

CIMG1123And after we ate, someone told us there were even more cats upstairs! All of the cats and dogs were strays that the cafe owner has taken in. 我們吃飯以後, 一個人說漏下有更多貓! 全部的貓, 狗一前是流浪的.

CIMG1138CIMG1142CIMG1143Some of the cats went to check out our bags when we set them down upstairs. 我們的包包很吸引貓咪.


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