Cafe Fima (菲瑪咖啡)

11 Aug

CIMG0978 Cafe Fima (菲瑪咖啡)

Address: 新北市永和區仁愛路300號

Hours: 13:00-22:00, closed Wednesdays

Minimum cost per person 每人最低消費: NT$100

This is another cafe with only one cat, but it’s definitely worth visiting. Cappu 卡布 is an adorable blue-grey Scottish fold. When I got there, she was asleep under a chair.

這個咖啡館只有一隻貓, 還是一個不要錯過的地方. 卡布是一個很可愛的灰色蘇格蘭折耳貓. 我來的時候, 牠在椅子下面睡覺.


This cafe smelled wonderfully of coffee beans because they also grind and sell bags of beans. They have a wide variety of coffees from around the world to choose from.  A cafe Americano hot or iced is just NT$100, and it doesn’t cost extra to add flavored syrup to it. Coffee with alcohol is NT$150, and I had one with Kahlua.

咖啡館有超好的味道因為他們也在賣咖啡豆, 他們自己碾的. 他們有很多全世界的咖啡. 一杯美式咖啡(冰/熱) 只要NTS$100, 如果你想加口味(薄荷,焦糖,之類的)不用加錢. 咖啡加酒是NT$150. 我點一杯黑咖啡加卡魯亞酒, 很好喝.


Eventually, Cappu came out from under the chair to eat.

終於卡布出現, 來吃東西.


While I was drinking my coffee, I noticed that the girl at the table next to mine had the same cat cafes book that I have. She said that she’d been to a lot of the cafes in the book too. She asked the owner to take a picture of us with the books. Here it is:

我喝咖啡的時候, 我發現一個女生在我旁邊的桌子也有 ‘貓日和咖啡館’! 她也有去過很多貓咖啡館. 她請老闆幫我們拍照.


The owner also brought Cappu outside so we could take better pictures of her.



CIMG0999CIMG1001Like some other cat cafe cats, Cappu has her own business card, and this one is the best yet! At first, it looks like a normal business card, still very cute:卡布有自己的名片! 我沒看濄怎麼有創造的名片! 我先以為是普通的名片, 還是很可愛: CIMG1004

But, it folds open like this: 可是, 你可以打開這樣:


Then, you can turn it over and cut out these piece that look like this: 然後,把它 反起來, 剪這些卡片:

CIMG1005And fold them together to make this! 最後一步


And don’t worry about losing the information on the business card by cutting it up. It’s also printed on the side of the cat! 別擔心失去名片的資料, 貓旁邊還有!



4 Responses to “Cafe Fima (菲瑪咖啡)”

  1. Patricia August 11, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    Hi! Susan, It’s very nice to meet you in Cafe Fima and I just invited you on facebook. Please accept the invitation and you’ll find pictures then. =)

  2. Rebecca August 14, 2013 at 3:57 am #

    I NEED that cat business card! And it’s in 永和! Perfect, right by my work.


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