Words Cafe (啡文館)

9 Aug

CIMG0924 Words Cafe

Address: 桃園市中山路156號2樓

Hours: Weekdays: 13:00-23:30, Saturday 12:00-23:30, Sunday 12:00-23:00

Minimum cost per person: NT$120

I went to Taoyuan today, an hour from Taipei, just to go to the two cat cafes in the book that are there. I’d especially been looking forward to this one because it has four beautiful fluffy cats (apparently only three now). The cats were as beautiful as in the pictures and very sweet and friendly.




However, the cafe and its staff were not so nice. The main seating area had carpet and it smelled of cat urine. I had been hungry but I just ordered a hot cafe mocha.


At first, I was sitting at the table with the red backpack beside it. I mainly chose it because it had a good view of the cats, and the place wasn’t crowded so I didn’t think it was a problem. But when these people came in, the guy who worked there asked me to move because they have three people, it’s a four-person table, and I’m by myself. I was kind of annoyed because there were other places where they could sit, but I just moved. I thought I’d go to the front of the cafe where they have these beanbag chairs.


But the guy told me I probably don’t want to sit over there because it’s hotter there and they have air conditioning in the other section. Actually, they didn’t have air-conditioning, just fans. When I first went in, I didn’t notice as much because at least it was slightly cooler than outside (which was 36C!). But it was really hot even with the fans on. The cats looked hot too. This one was trying to stay in the path of the fan as much as possible.


I regretted ordering hot coffee and they took a long time to bring it over. And since there were two people working, and only about 8 people in the cafe, who all came in and ordered at different times, there was no reason for it to take that long. People have to pay when they order rather than when they leave, maybe because people would get tired of waiting and give up if they hadn’t paid first. The cats are adorable, but I’d recommend just looking at them and then leaving for the other cat cafe “Light and Shadow Dance”, which is less than 5 minutes walk away and is much better (and air-conditioned!).


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