Katze Cafe (Updated Nov. 2015: Now closed 停業)

6 Aug

CIMG0913 Katze Cafe

Address: 臺北市信義區基隆路一段147巷25號 (Near City Hall MRT exit 1)

Hours: 10:00-22:00

Minimum cost per person: NT$80, tea

As I was walking to Cafe No. 218, I happened to see this place. It isn’t in the book, but it’s even more of a cat cafe than the other one. It has four cats, kept in a separate glass room.


The cafe itself was clean enough, but the cats’ room was smelly. The door was shut though so customers wouldn’t smell it unless they walked in, but I felt a little sorry for the cats. Three of the cats just wanted to sleep, but one of them was playful.


The cheapest item on the menu is tea for NT$80. I had an oreo frappuccino for NT$130. They also have a wide variety of pasta dishes for NT$150 each. Although this is a nice, reasonably priced cat cafe, Bibi was my favorite cat of the day and I’d rather go back to Cafe No. 218.

But the cats at this one do each have their own business card:



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