Zabu: More Outdated Information

13 Apr

Moved Zabu

Supposed Address:臺北市 大安區浦城街9-4號

REAL Address: 台北市士林區中山北路七段175號

Considering the book is only two years old, I’m disappointed with how quickly the information has become outdated. Although I did notice this Cafe listed as being at the Pucheng address in a magazine I was reading in Samovar yesterday and that was only from last November.

After checking online (though some search results have it as still being at the old address), I found that it is now located in Tienmu, according to their blog. Since the new address is an hour away, not near an MRT station, and the weather is depressing, I’m not going there today.


One Response to “Zabu: More Outdated Information”


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    […] ago, I went to this cafe’s Shida address as listed in the book and found that it had moved. Since the place it moved to was an hour away by public transportation, I didn’t get around […]

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