G-Straight (直走) 

12 Apr

Supposed Address G-Straight

Supposed Address: 臺北市,汀洲路三段27巷18號

Actual Address: Apparently non-existent




Although the Chinese name of this place means “go straight” (not sure why they don’t just call it Go Straight, not G-Straight), to get to the supposed address, one does not go straight but turns through several small alleys. The book describes it as being a bit off the main road and says that at first they thought they might be in the wrong place.

As it was pouring down rain today, I was already having second thoughts about wandering around trying to find this place. I brought the book with me to be sure I was at the right address. This was definitely it, but there was no cafe there. There were red double doors that looked like they went into an apartment. Even though there was no sign at all, I rang the bell just in case. Of course, no one answered. Either this place doesn’t exist anymore, like Lavender, or the book has the address wrong.

red doors


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