Cafe Dog and Cats (貓花園)

10 Apr

Cat Cafe 001  Cafe Dog and Cats (貓花園)

Address: 臺北市士林區福華路129號1樓 (Across from Zhishan MRT)

Hours: 11am-10pm

Minimum per person purchase: NT$100

No children under 12

Called Cafe Dog and Cats because they have one dog, a fat golden retriever, this cafe does a good job of having plenty of pets to play with while still maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. They also make sure that the cats have their own space, having a separate closed off clear plastic room for the cats to go in so they can have a break from customers’ attention.

Cat Cafe 002Cat Cafe 003

The cafe sells treats to give to the cats, and as I was the only customer at the time, they gave me some for free. Recognizing the treat packets, about six cats as well as the dog surrounded me. The dog, while very sweet, seems a bit jealous of all the attention that the cats get. He’ll come over to people without being offered a treat, but many cats will just ignore you unless you have something to offer them.

Cat Cafe 020Cat Cafe 011

But after having a treat, the cats will jump up and sit on the chairs and sometimes on customers’ laps. When I went, one even jumped on my table and drank out of my water glass! For those who don’t like cats, that may not sound very hygienic, but I thought it was adorable. And considering that there are ten cats in the cafe, everything is very clean. It’s also nicely decorated with, of course, more of a cat theme.

Cat Cafe 017Reserved for cats

The main point in going to a cat cafe is to get to be around cats, not necessarily to have a good meal or cup of coffee. The minimum purchase is NT$100 and there’s a wide variety of coffee drinks, soft drinks and even alcohol,  as well as light meals and afternoon tea options (If you order dessert with coffee during afternoon tea hours, it’s just NT40 more). I went in the evening and ordered a mojito. It wasn’t great, much more lime flavor than mint, but I didn’t mind since I had such a nice time with the cats and the staff had been so nice.

Cat CafesCat Cafe 040


13 Responses to “Cafe Dog and Cats (貓花園)”

  1. Rebecca August 8, 2013 at 8:57 am #

    I’m going to give this place a try tonight! And we should go back to Alleycats again (or this is that more of a cat bar than cafe?)

    • impercipient August 8, 2013 at 9:19 am #

      I guess that would be more of a cat bar. But I’m thinking I should write a post on it, so we should go back and take more pictures!


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